4 Common Issues That Can Delay Your Las Vegas Accident Claim

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After suffering from a car crash in Las Vegas or anywhere else, the first thing that a victim should do is file a Las Vegas accident claim. If the accident wasn’t your fault and you suffered unjustly then you deserve maximum compensation. An accident can cause massive damage to people. From minor cuts to major fractures, anything can be an outcome of a small crash. Along with physical injury, people suffer mental trauma as well. The terrible scene of a crash haunts people for their entire lives. They develop a fear of traveling in cars or become mentally unstable.

However, the worst outcome of a car accident is the loss of lives. When individuals lose their loved ones due to someone else’s mistake, then these victims deserve to be compensated. Even though no amount of money can erase these terrible memories, but the money from your compensation can lighten your financial burdens.

According to statistics, Las Vegas records a high number of car crashes each year. In 2016, there were a total of 12,720 crashes. It resulted in more than 200 fatalities, and thousands of people were miserably injured. Despite all efforts, these numbers don’t come down. Over the years, there has been a continuous increase in them. So, people should be aware of how to file a claim for your right. It’s good to settle things as soon as possible to extract maximum benefits. Moreover, some delays and factors might weaken your claim. Instead of wasting time, hire a seasoned attorney to fight your case.

Top Issues that Delay a Las Vegas Accident Claim:

Certain factors might delay your Las Vegas accident claim. These are the following:

1. Slow Recovery:

If you haven’t recovered from your injury, then the claim might be delayed. Some people take much longer to recover. Moreover, your doctor might not be able to have a full picture of your prognosis until several weeks after the original accident. These things along with the recovery, strongly impact your case. If your injury is complicated and costly, you might end up getting more compensation. However, medical proof and your doctor’s recommendation matters in many instances.

2. Interference of Insurance Companies in Matters of Liability:

Most insurance companies don’t wish to pay for your recovery. They try to blame the victim. If they prove in court that the victim’s negligence caused the accident, then their claim weakens. It could even eliminate your chance of winning any compensation at all. Most insurance companies try their best to make it harder for victims to attain their claims. In another scenario, the company might push the blame to the other side to elongate the fight.

3. Administrative Delays:

A small claim involves a lot of entities. These include attorneys, insurance companies, liable parties, and the court system. Since a lot of official bodies are involved in the process, there is a high chance that there might be administrative delays. You need to know that you are not the only person whose claim is going through the system. There are hundreds of claims daily, and with such a large volume of cases, it becomes difficult for employees to process them quickly. Staff members are not always present. They have days off, sick leaves, and even official holidays. Be mentally prepared for such delays because they are not in anyone’s control.

4. The Insurance Company Deliberately Slows Down the Process:

Paying for high-value claims is something that insurance companies don’t want to do. So, they deliberately drag the case. Even though they are well aware of your injury and know that they owe you money, but they still play tricks. By delaying the matter, they pressurize victims into taking lesser offers. People who are in dire need of money are left with no option but to accept the company’s offer. However, if you hire a trustworthy lawyer, they can make them pay the full amount on time.

Hire the Best Lawyers in Las Vegas:

If you are looking for an attorney for your Las Vegas accident claim then contact us today. We have experienced professionals to help you fight your injury claims. Our attorneys have fought similar cases in the past and have an exact idea of how to get that compensation you desperately need. From collecting proof to fighting against the tactics of insurance companies, our people do everything for you. Set an appointment today and discuss your case with our experts. We won’t let you down at all. Have trust in our specialists.