6 Common Reasons that Lead to Motorcycle Accidents in Nevada

Motorcycle Accidents in Nevada

Motorcycle accidents in Nevada have become more frequent in the past few years. Thousands of people lose their lives or limbs due to these fatal crashes. Even though all of these accidents have similar outcomes, their reasons vary. There are dozens of factors that could cause motorcycle crashes. No matter what the reason might be, the damage is uncontrollable. Therefore, every state has a set of laws that enable the victim to claim compensation from the person at fault.

According to the Nevada Department of Transportation (DOT), in 2010, there were 44 fatal motorcycle accidents. More than a thousand people were involved in these crashes and suffered significant injuries. Some of them even lost their lives. From these statistics, it is visible that motorcycle accidents affect most of the population. The worst part is that there is a continuous, increasing trend in these accidents. In such circumstances, it’s essential to highlight the leading causes of these accidents so that riders can avoid them.

Top Reasons for Motorcycle Accidents in Nevada:

The top six reasons for such hideous motorcycle accidents in Nevada are listed below:

  • Cars Making Sudden Turns:

More than 40 percent of these motorcycle accidents occur when cars make a sudden left turn. It results in vehicles coming in front of speeding bikes, hence causing a collision. Bikes are small in size, so it’s hard to detect them. When they approach a vehicle at high speed, it makes an accident unavoidable.

  • Head-On Impacts:

Head-on collisions or direct impacts account for a significant portion of fatalities in motorcycle crashes. These crashes occur when a vehicle directly hits a bike from the front. It causes the motorcyclist to lose his balance and fall.

  • Poor Sight:

A majority of the vehicle owners complain that they did not see the incoming bike. Since the size of these motorcycles is relatively minor, noticing them can be difficult. Moreover, in some scenarios, the motorcyclist is in the vehicle’s blind spot, causing an obstruction.

  • Poor Road Conditions:

Unlike cars, motorcycles are unstable in nature. Therefore, any road hazard such as an oil spill, pothole, debris, or a slippery road can cause an accident.

  • Driving Under the Influence:

Drunk driving is dangerous not only for the people driving their vehicles but also for the people on the road. Under the influence of alcohol, a person’s thinking capacity is reduced. They are unable to make sound judgments. It increases the chances of road accidents. Individuals driving bikes are at a greater risk because, unlike car owners, they are not safe. If they come in contact with a car, they would be affected more than anyone else.

  • Sudden Changes in Lanes by Bikers:

Changing lanes suddenly and without indication is a leading reason behind accidents. The risk of colliding into an oncoming car increases tremendously when motorcyclists change their lane without prior warning. Along with unsafe lane changes, some bikers opt for lane splitting. It is a common term used for individuals who prefer to drive between two lanes.

Splitting can be very dangerous because:

  • There is reduced space between motorcyclists to move within vehicles
  • Car drivers are not aware of the motorcyclist’s intentions
  • The safe distance within vehicles isn’t maintained.

Who Can a Motorcyclist Sue?

One cannot eradicate motorcycle accidents in Nevada but can make the person at fault, pay. There are several conditions under which motorcyclists can demand compensation if the other party has wronged them. The only thing necessary is to identify and prove the other side wrong. In this regard, a motorcyclist can sue the following people:

  • The driver who caused the accident
  • The manufacturer, if the bike malfunctioned
  • Mechanics who did not do the job properly
  • City officials for not maintaining roads properly

Contacting Top-Class Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Nevada:

Just like car crashes, motorcycle accidents in Nevada can also leave long-lasting effects on the driver. Sometimes the injuries are so severe that they lead to immediate death. Even if the person survives, they might need expensive treatment which isn’t affordable for the victim. In such conditions, victims lose their life, work, financial stability, mental peace, and, to an extent, their companionship.

Thus, it is the right of the injured victim to pursue the matter in court. Only your legal rights can get you the compensation that you deserve. With the help of an expert motorcycle accident lawyer, victims can get compensation for medical bills, repairs, pain, and suffering. At our esteemed law firm, we have dozens of specialists who have fought and won similar cases. All you need to do is get in touch with our team and explain your case. After that our team will manage everything for you.