Can Accident Reconstruction Help Your Las Vegas Wreck Case?

Las Vegas car crash

Dealing with a Las Vegas car crash case often becomes challenging, especially when the accident involves more than two drivers. It is difficult to validate a situation with conflicting information regarding what happened at the scene of the accident. Moreover, at times there are no witnesses. In 2020, around 38,680 people died in motor vehicle accidents. To validate your claim in case of an accident, often the lawyer may suggest bringing an accident reconstruction expert.

Accident reconstruction experts can help strengthen your case. If you suffered injuries in an accident, you should immediately consult an experienced attorney to know about your legal rights. Your attorney will analyze your case and assist you in validating your claim by bringing in expert witnesses if required. Our knowledgeable attorneys have secured compensation for many complex cases with the help of accident reconstruction experts. We have the right legal expertise and resources to manage complex cases involving multiple variables.

What Is Accident Reconstruction And How It Can Be Helpful For Your Las Vegas Car Crash Case?

Accident reconstruction allows us to understand the underlying reasons for a crash and to determine the actual fault of the accident. The conclusions are dependent on the evidence gathered at the scene of the incident and other sources including witnesses, traffic cameras, and the police report.

When the cause of the accident is not easy to determine, the process of accident reconstruction is used. It helps in determining the at-fault party in a Las Vegas car crash case. Since the entire case focuses on determining fault and compensating the victim. The at-fault party is liable to compensate for financial damages caused by the accident. If you and your attorney cannot prove the fault of another driver then your claim will be denied.

What Does a Reconstruction Expert Do?

Accident reconstruction experts are specially trained to determine and evaluate all the factors involved in an accident. It includes the following:

  • Road conditions where the accident occurred
  • Debris left after the accident
  • Weather conditions
  • Angle of impact
  • Whether the cruise control was engaged at the time of impact
  • Speed of vehicles at impact
  • Level of damages sustained by the vehicles
  • Where the vehicles stopped after the collision
  • The condition of drivers; whether they were under influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Checking the level of visibility that could have contributed to the accident
  • Analysis of steering angles
  • Whether the drivers applied the brakes before impact
  • Whether anti-lock brakes were used
  • Checking damages to the road and surroundings due to the accident
  • Whether engine lights were on before the impact
  • Checking engine’s rpm before the crash

Accident reconstruction experts effectively analyze the damages done to the vehicles along with the gathered evidence from the scene of the crash. All significant factors are analyzed by the experts including the police report, medical records, witnesses’ statements, pictures of the scene, and the repair shop damage assessment. They may also look at the data recorder’s collected information.

When Do You Need an Accident Reconstruction Expert?

There could be several reasons why an accident reconstruction expert is brought in to validate the case:

  • There is contradictory information about the accident
  • When the witnesses cannot be found
  • When there are no witnesses of the crash
  • The witnesses were a part of the crash
  • Vehicles were severely damaged
  • When the fault cannot be determined
  • When witnesses and the people involved do not remember much information about the accident
  • Evidence is missing
  • Any person died in the accident
  • If a defective part lead to the incident
  • When you intend to claim from government entities due to poor road conditions
  • When the defendant brings in a reconstruction expert

When necessary, your attorney will guide you to get in touch with an accident reconstruction expert. As a victim, it will be difficult to know when you should take this step. While suffering the pain caused by physical injuries and dealing with mounting bills, it becomes challenging to keep your case on the right track.

Get in Touch with an Experienced Attorney:

The process of handling a Las Vegas car crash case is overwhelming for the victims. Consult our professionally trained car accident attorneys to attain the maximum claim you deserve. We know what’s right for your case, if you or your loved ones suffered a tragic accident and you intend to recover damages, get in touch with our team. We will put your case in the right direction to obtain rightful compensation for your loss. We aim to strengthen your case and achieve a successful outcome.