Are Casinos Responsible for Fights that Take Place on Their Property

Attacked in a Casino

If you were attacked in a casino, you might be wondering about holding responsible for your injuries. Regardless of where the fight took place, a fight will often result in at least one person facing assault charges and often, the victim needing medical attention. In legal terms, a fight, or breach of peace, is something that could happen anywhere, in a casino, home, hotel, bar, or any type of public place.

Was Security Negligent?

If you were attacked in a casino, the first question would be, why didn’t security jump in? Or, did they respond as quickly as they could have to prevent further harm or damage? Negligent security is a serious concern because casinos are well-known for their security teams.

If a security team failed to act appropriately or within a reasonable response time, the casino might be partially at fault for your injuries. It’s difficult to prove, but you can showcase that you were accessible to security and that they should have responded more quickly to prevent some of your injuries. In this situation it’s helpful to have a Las Vegas personal injury attorney to help prove your case.

For example, if you were in a fight at a casino’s bar, the bartender should have notified security when the attacker became belligerent. Or, if you were in a fight on the casino floor, then security should have seen the verbal exchange first and intervened before the fight escalated into a physical altercation.

There are clear cut codes that guide security as part of that individual’s job duties. The individual job duties will always vary by employer, but they should always be on the lookout for illegal activities such as assault.

Should They Have Stopped Serving Alcohol to That Person?

Usually, fights that happen in casinos are a result of alcohol or drug use. When it comes to alcohol use, it’s clear that there’s a risk of people drinking in a high-risk area where people may be betting on fights, games, or playing the tables. Tempers can flare, and situations can quickly build up into a fight.

Where security professionals have specific aspects of their job, bartenders and waitresses do too. Anyone handling alcohol must make a choice to continue or not continue serving alcohol to their patrons. During bartender training, people are taught to look for the tell-tale signs that someone is too intoxicated or can’t handle themselves any longer and could become a safety risk.

The other way to hold a casino responsible is to show that the bartender failed to provide a duty of care by continuing to serve belligerent or violent person alcohol when it was clear that they should have been cut off. It’s not a complete out for the intoxicated person, but it’s something for a victim to consider when building their case.

Was the Fight Provoked?

There’s a huge difference between getting jumped or getting into a fight. If you were talking to someone at a bar who suddenly turned violent, then it’s clearly not a provoked fight. However, if you were watching a fighting match and were bickering or exchanging hostile words with this person throughout the night, then it’s easy to prove that this was a mutual fight.

Even if you only hit back in response to the initial blow, it’s not as simple as showing that you were “defending” yourself by hitting second. Security cameras, the bartender, or on-the-ground security will be there to attest that a fight was only a matter of time and that you participated in the arguing leading up to the fight.

Provocation is a grey area because assault by Nevada standard includes the provocation of another person into a fight. However, if you participate in the fight past the defense, it’s difficult to show that you weren’t also participating in some way. Fights are difficult to manage because of the two-way confrontation, whereas assault or being attacked clearly has an aggressor and a victim.

Consult with Personal Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas if You’ve Been Attacked in a Casino

After a fight, you may have substantial medical bills or injuries that will require ongoing care. Injuries such as broken bones, abrasions, displaced or dislocated joints, and more can all require medical attention that is costly. Stand up for yourself and demand that the at-fault party pay for these injuries, so you’re not left in medical debt for getting attacked in a casino.

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