Attorney-Client Privilege in a Las Vegas Personal Injury Case

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Attorney-client privilege is overlooked by many people in a Las Vegas personal injury case, unfortunately. There are many advantages in hiring a lawyer in case of filing a claim as you will have sound legal representation and someone to fight for your rights. This might also increase the likelihood of getting maximum compensation for the wreckage.

Moreover, there are many more advantages of retaining a professional lawyer such as the benefit of attorney-client privilege. Any discussion between you or your lawyer is secured by this privilege. The reason for this is that your communication is mostly confidential. If the other party comes to know anything about the case, they could use it against you or even turn down your Las Vegas personal injury case.

In Swidler and Berlin et al v. the United States (NO. 97-1192), the United States Supreme Court ruled in a six to three decision, that the common law attorney-client privilege prevents the client’s death and avoid a prosecutor to extract confidential information from the lawyer regarding their client’s criminal proceedings. The court did not address the claim of the work product privilege.

Attorney-client privilege is a vital part of the American legal system. It ensures that the conversation between a lawyer and a client is protected from being disclosed. If you have any queries you can always contact our team of experienced lawyers.

When Does Attorney-Client Privilege Kick In?

Attorney-client privilege provides a guarantee that any kind of communication under this ambit will not be discussed with any third party and will remain classified at all times. If you talk to a lawyer about your claim, they will not be able to share it with anyone. Therefore, attorney-client privilege kicks in at the moment a client contacts a lawyer to represent them in a case. Our lawyers will present confidential advice to discuss your claim and examine possible legal options that are available to you.

What Is Covered by Attorney-Client Privilege in Las Vegas Personal Injury Case?

When a lawyer is hired by a client, an attorney-client relationship is formed in a personal injury case. As a client, you have every right to look forward to a certain confidentiality obligation from your lawyer. Text messages, emails, or mobile phone calls are examples of general means of communication that are meant to be confidential between a client and their legal representatives.

Whether the case is resolved or not, the privilege stays in effect. This means that even if the client dies, it remains in effect long after the case is settled. If in an event, a client decides to dissolve the legal relationship and work with another lawyer to represent them, the non-disclosure agreement can be used. In this case, the important documents can be transferred to the new lawyer with the approval of the client. An essential thing to note here is that limited and approved conversations may be revealed by the explicit consent of the client.

Are There Exceptions to the Attorney-Client Privilege?

A case of fraud or attempted fraud, of which the lawyer is aware of is an exception to the rule of attorney-client privilege. However, depending on the situation, past cases of fraud that are not related to the case may not be disclosed.

Further exceptions to attorney-client privilege are the cases in which the client seeks legal advice in order to commit a criminal offense. For instance, a lawyer is needed to report to law enforcers if a client makes a threat to a responsible party and they have reason to believe that the act can be executed.

It is vital to discuss the details of what communications are secured with a professional lawyer because the attorney-client privilege varies at the state and federal levels.

How Attorney-Client Privilege Benefits Your Las Vegas Personal Injury Case:

Due to attorney-client privilege, you have the freedom to talk about anything with your attorney. You may think that you are partially at fault and are liable for the accident. However, it is secure, and there’s no harm in talking about it to your lawyer.

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