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las vegas personal injury attorney

Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney: Proving Negligence

Many people need an experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney because they were injured on someone else’s property. This type of case falls under the premises liability tort law. In essence, the law says that

las vegas insurance claims

Insurance Claims: When to Settle and When to Sue

In the experience of any Las Vegas injury attorney, most insurance claims are settled out of court. Indeed, around 95% of all civil cases nationwide do not reach the trial phase. The parties reach an

truck accident

Truck Accident Claim: What To Expect

For any Las Vegas truck accident attorney, preparing the client for the claims process is one of the most important parts of their work. Filing any injury claim against an insurance company is difficult and

henderson car accident

Henderson Car Accident Lawyer: Hurting your Chances

During the initial consultation with a potential client, a Henderson car accident lawyer sometimes finds out a fact that has the potential to compromise the person’s case. It may sound strange, given the fact that

punitive damages

Punitive Damages: When Can a Lawyer Seek Them?

When it is clear that an out of court settlement cannot be reached, an experienced Las Vegas personal injury lawyer will advise their client to file a lawsuit. While preparing the case, the lawyer may

uber accident

Uber Accident: Who pays Your Damages?

Ridesharing services like Uber simplify people’s lives. Whenever you need to go somewhere quickly, you open an app, hail an Uber and you’re good to go. Unfortunately, as any Uber accident lawyer in Henderson knows,

car accident lawyer

Car Accident Lawyer: What If I’m Partially At Fault?

Any Las Vegas car accident lawyer knows that no traffic crash is simple and straightforward. In many cases, injured parties may have been slightly negligent and played a minor role in creating the conditions of

product liability

Product Liability Claims: Filing Through an Attorney

Product liability claims give you confidence in a purchase. When you buy a product, whether it is a smartphone, a washing machine or a vacuum cleaner, you have two simple expectations: that it works properly