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Truck Accident Lawyer: Can They Help You With Your Case?

All Las Vegas trucking accident attorneys know how devastating this particular type of traffic crash can be. Large trucks, especially 18-wheelers and semi-trucks are nearly 20 times bigger and heavier than the average passenger car.

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Accident Report: How Do You Get One?

When you hire a car accident attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada to help you file and negotiate a car accident claim, the lawyer will start by analyzing the circumstances of the accident. This is necessary

personal injury claim

Personal Injury Claim: Recovering Damages

Personal injury law in Nevada states that a person is liable to compensate another if they caused them injury and economic damages due to a negligent action or omission. Furthermore, the comparative negligence principle applicable

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Car Crash – Do I Have a Case?

After a car crash, many accident victims are unsure how to proceed. They don’t know if their damages are significant enough to warrant filing a claim. Or an insurance adjuster outright tells them that they

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Personal Injury: How Long Does Settlement Take?

When a prospective client arrives for the first appointment with a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada, one of the first things they want to know is: how long will it take until the

car accident claim

Car Accident Claim: What To Do If It Gets Denied

Did you get a car accident claim denied and believe that you have no hope of recovering your economic losses? For experienced auto accident lawyers in Las Vegas, such a denial does not represent the

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Truck Accident Liability: What Are the Laws

Many truck accident victims who contact a Henderson truck accident attorney believe that they can recover their damages solely from the responsible truck driver. However, when a commercial vehicle is involved in a traffic accident,