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If you’ve recently suffered injuries in Boulder City, Nevada, you have every right to obtain or reclaim money due to that injury, given the fact that you’re not at fault. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to shoulder all the medical expenses. Some injuries may also result in people not being able to report for work – and this means, no source of income until that person is fully recovered. You don’t have to take this on, and talking to a Boulder City personal injury lawyer can help you recover the amount spent both on medical fees and from the days you’re off from work.


Christian Morris Trial Attorneys was established primarily to help individuals like you and provide proper assistance in helping you deal with those injuries. We all started as a small local office about twenty years ago and is now one of the largest and one of the most successful law firms in Nevada. Our extensive experience and years of service in the industry have led us to help numerous individuals fight for their rights, helping them with their insurance company claims. Let us talk, we’ll sit with you and discuss all possible options in this case. For a free consultation, feel free to give us a call at 702-434-8282.

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I’m Injured, What Now?

How Will I Know If I Have A Legitimate Or Strong Injury Claim?

DO contact and set up a meeting with your Boulder City personal injury lawyer. A reliable and great lawyer has extensive skills in dealing with injury cases like yours. Their years of experience will help you deal with insurance companies so that you’ll receive the full amount you’re fully entitled to receive. Your lawyer will advise if your case is a strong one, and will even provide referrals and tell you which doctor to go to for you to get an accurate estimate on how much you’ll require for the treatment due to the injury you’ve sustained. Remember, you need to protect your rights and yourself after an injury and meeting with an injury lawyer is your best bet at that.

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Regardless of how big or small, the injury may seem, always have it checked by your doctor, even if it doesn’t need to be rushed to the emergency room. You also have to take note that whenever you’re dealing with your insurance provider, there are two crucial points to remember:


DON’T sign any type of insurance paperwork. Most of the time, your insurance company will offer you money immediately. If they are offering money, why shouldn’t you take it? It’s tempting and it’s a great way to pay for your medical bills. However, bear in mind that they’re doing this for their advantage, not yours. Offering money upfront is a cheaper and faster way of dealing with this situation. At the end of the day, the insurance company will be the one enjoying the larger chunk of the pie.


The moment that you sign that paperwork, it means that you’re agreeing that you won’t receive any monetary compensation after finding out the degree of your injuries. Before signing anything, you should seek legal advice and sit down with your lawyer.

If you’ve been injured and another party is at fault, then chances are, you have a strong claim. After every injury, it’s normal for both parties to look as if it’s someone else’s fault, it’s normal to feel like you’re at loss and wanting to look for explanations. Legally, everyone should watch their actions and be careful with what they’re doing – whether it’s following simple traffic rules, keeping the driveway safe for passersby, paying attention to the road while driving, etc.


In most cases, accidents happen because there’s one person responsible for being negligent towards their actions – and that person is the one held liable for any injuries that may have happened during that accident.


There are different types of personal injury claims, and the most common are:

  • Assault injuries
  • Injuries from medical devices
  • Injuries obtained within nursing home facilities
  • Slip and/or fall accidents
  • Car, truck or other vehicular accidents
  • Bike and pedestrian accidents
  • Injuries from harmful prescription drugs
  • Injuries that resulted from defective products

If you can’t find any injury related to yours, don’t worry – these are just the basic and the most common types of injuries we’ve encountered. Rest assured, we’ve seen and taken care of other valid injury claims that are not on the list, and that means that you too, may have a strong claim as long it’s not your fault.

Do I need to Sue someone to win my injury claim?

Not necessarily. In general, what we’re dealing with are insurance companies who are stubborn enough who refuses in negotiating a fair amount of insurance claim. Most of the time, the insurance company will push their evidence and use it against the injured individual, hoping that their evidence will also undermine the testimony from your witness (if any). No matter what the reason is, these insurance companies are tough, but we’ll be here to help you every step of the way to discuss all your possible and best options to win this case. If you wanted to pursue and file a case in Boulder City court, expect us to be with you all the way.


Most often than not, our skilled lawyers and extensive years of experience paired with our negotiating techniques allow us to convince and even get the insurance company to cover a fair amount for financial recovery. We make sure that each case is carefully researched, studied and investigated on our end. We look for medical evidence, police reports and even look for witness testimonials so we can build a strong case and throw it against the insurance company. The moment that the insurance company has seen we are fully prepared and we are equipped with evidence, they’re most likely to offer or negotiate a significantly higher amount of money.

How Much Will It Cost To Hire A Boulder City Personal Injury Attorney?

When Filing An Injury Claim In Boulder City, Is There Any Time Limit That I Should Be Aware Of?

Who Should I Talk to After Being Injured in Boulder City, NV?

Christian Morris Trial Attorneys offers a simple payment process for your personal injury case:


  • The consultation is free.
  • You don’t have to pay us anything upfront.
  • If we don’t win your case, you don’t have to pay us.
  • If we win your case and that you do get your money, we only take a small percentage as a fee. Rest assured, you’ll receive all the legal help that you need, and the financial risk is on us.

There are strict deadlines in Boulder City that need to be followed for injury claims. These deadlines are set by the state and federal laws, but may generally vary depending on the type of injury. Some injury types have a longer deadline than the others. Some have a maximum of one week to file their claim, while some can file their claim for up to 2 years. To make sure that you won’t miss your deadline, immediately consult and meet up with a personal injury lawyer near Boulder City.

At Christian Morris Trial Attorneys, our vision is to help injured people. This is where we’re good at. Let us show you how our experience, expertise and skilled lawyers can help you practice your rights and get you the money that you fully deserve as soon as possible. We are happy to talk about your options and discuss your case. Consultation is always free. Call us at 702-434-8282 or fill out the contact form at the top of the page to start your free consultation today.