Proving that You Have Whiplash

Person thinking about how he will prove whiplash

When you’re in a car accident, you can suffer all sorts of injuries. Some of these are minor. Others are very serious. One of the most common types of car accident injuries is whiplash. Even the most minor car accidents can cause whiplash. It doesn’t matter if you’re a driver or a passenger, you can end up with this injury. One of the big problems with whiplash is there is no medical way to prove whiplash. A doctor can diagnose you with whiplash, but he can’t prove you have it. There are no medical tests that will show it. X-rays and MRIs don’t show whiplash.

Whiplash is basically an injury caused by stretching your neck too far in one direction. It’s common with car accidents because when your car is hit, your body is jostled about. Odds are, your neck will get stretched one way or another during impact.

Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyers Handle Whiplash Cases All the Time

A lot of car accident cases name whiplash as one of the plaintiff’s injuries. Lawyers handle nickel and dime cases all the time that involve nothing more than whiplash. Because it’s so hard to prove whiplash, lawyers know they can file a claim for whiplash with little to no evidence.

In order to prove whiplash, your lawyer will have to convince a jury that you actually had the injury. Usually, he can do this by submitting medical records showing your diagnosis. He may even have to have your doctor testify that you had whiplash.

There really is no treatment for whiplash. You’re not going to require surgery or physical therapy. Basically, all your doctor can do is give you a neck brace to wear. He may even prescribe pain medication or muscle relaxers. Aside from this, there is nothing a doctor can do for you. You just have to wait it out. Thankfully, whiplash usually heals itself in a few days or weeks.

What Kind of Money Can an Accident Attorney in Las Vegas Get you for Whiplash?

If you file a claim for whiplash, don’t expect to receive millions of dollars. It isn’t going to happen. Whiplash claims settle for just a few thousand dollars. Regardless of where you live, no whiplash case is going to make you or your lawyer rich.

Whiplash is usually just part of a larger claim. Usually, you’ll have several injuries and whiplash is just one of them. Whiplash is almost the cherry on the sundae. You’ll get a few thousand dollars extra for having whiplash.

You have to remember that your lawyer is there to make you whole. It’s not his job to make you rich. He can only get you compensation for injuries you actually suffer. And, these injuries are only worth a certain amount of money. You can’t expect to get a ton of money if you’re not really hurt.

Las Vegas Car Accident Attorneys Will Work Hard to Settle Your Claim

Most cases settle. It’s just how the legal system works. Nobody wants to go through a long trial. Trials are expensive and time-consuming. They can take years. It’s in everyone’s best interest to settle your case. Your Las Vegas car accident attorney will work hard to do this.

One of the reasons you’ll want to settle your whiplash claim is that it really is hard to prove whiplash in court. Juries aren’t very sensitive to people who claim they have whiplash. To be honest, most jurors think plaintiffs are faking their whiplash injuries.

As soon as a juror sees someone walk into the courtroom wearing a neck brace, they lose empathy. It’s a lot different than cases where a victim breaks their neck or has internal injuries. Whiplash goes away days or weeks after the accident. It doesn’t require surgery. It leaves little to no long-term damage.

Knowing this, your lawyer will try to settle your case. It makes sense for him to settle it rather than take his chances in court. He wants you to get some money for your injuries. The last thing he wants to do is a waste of time and money taking a whiplash case to trial.

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