Can I File a Car Accident Claim in Nevada If I Was Driving Without a License?

car accident claim in Nevada

Driving without a license has various consequences, specifically if you are driving with a suspended or revoked license. While driving without a license can cause fines, driving with a revoked or suspended license can cause higher fines or even prison time. Many people ask if they could file a car accident claim in Nevada in such a situation and seek compensation for the damages sustained. Addressing this question, the answer is fortunately yes.

If you endure severe damages in a car crash because of the negligence of another party, you may still be entitled to a personal injury claim. You have a right to claim damages, which does not depend on whether you had a license or not. There are several contributing factors to your right to financial compensation.

According to the US Government, people who intend to drive in America must have a valid driver’s license. If you are a foreign visitor, some states require you to have an International Driving Permit (IDP), and a valid license from your own country.

Who Should Have Caused the Accident to File a Car Accident Claim in Nevada?

When the negligence of another party leads to a car crash, despite you having a valid driver’s license or not, you may still have a right to file a personal injury claim. This includes a person driving under influence, a distracted driver, or a driver breaking traffic rules such as ignoring red lights or high speeding. Similarly, if you contributed to the accident and failed to comply with traffic rules, you may not have sufficient grounds for a personal injury claim.

You cannot defy the laws whether you have a driving license or not. You may contribute to the cause of the accident if you choose to speed, drive under influence, drive distracted, or overtake another driver. In some situations, the partial fault may be allocated to you, thereby reducing your financial compensation award.

How Severe Are the Injuries?

A lawyer will evaluate the extent of your injuries and how they contribute to your expenses and losses related to the accident, to ascertain the compensation you deserve for injuries suffered in an accident. When you file a personal injury claim, you are entitled to be compensated for your lost earnings, medical expenses, and the pain that you endured. Typically, your personal injury claim will be based on your medical expenses. Moreover, an attorney will assess and calculate the current and future wages that are lost and how much suffering you endured in order to reach the final amount of your compensation.

What Are the Consequences of Driving Without a License in Relation to a Car Accident Claim in Nevada?

There are high chances that you may be penalized or even see jail time if you get caught driving without a valid driver’s license. Sometimes the police officer that reports to the incident scene may decide to only impose a fine on you. However, driving without a license will not reduce the number of funds you receive as a result of a personal injury claim.

What Should I Do After a Nevada Accident in Which I Drove Without a License?

If you are seriously injured in a car accident, despite whether you drove without a license, you should follow these imperative steps to secure financial compensation:

  • Report the Accident:

As you were driving without a license, you may be convinced to swiftly flee the scene of the accident without reporting it. Fleeing the scene may cause additional consequences. Therefore, it is recommended to stand your ground until the police arrive.

  • Try to Avoid Statements that Accept Fault While Accurately Reporting the Facts of the Accident:

Driving without a license does not necessarily mean that the whole accident was caused because of you. So instead of blatantly accepting fault because of this fact, try to stay patient and accurately report facts. Do not voluntarily tell the police that you were driving without a license.

  • Seek Medical Attention:

Even if you think that you did not get seriously injured, paying attention to your medical needs is important. Immediately seeing a doctor can assist in documenting any injuries that you may have suffered, which will facilitate you in making a solid personal injury claim.

  • Consult a Personal Injury Attorney as Soon as Possible:

A competent attorney can help you in this case and provide you the best course of action to increase your chances for a favorable verdict.

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