Cell Phone Addiction and Distracted Driving in Nevada

Distracted Driving in Nevada

The major risk factor involved in road accidents is a driver’s distraction. Drivers could be distracted by internal distractions such as mobile phones, or turning the radio on and off. They could also be distracted from external distractions like looking at billboards, and people passing by. The research over the past years shows that using mobile phones causes distracted driving in Nevada.

People addicted to cell phones while driving is becoming the major reason for serious injuries and even death. In 2019, there were 70 fatalities from car crashes in Nevada. Even though all of these are not due to distracted driving, it still has an effect on this number.

Does Addiction to Cell Phones Cause Distracted Driving in Nevada?

It’s been seen that most accidents on the road happen due to the addiction to cell phones. People are so busy using cell phones that they don’t realize that it could cause serious accidents, which could lead to injuries. After a lot of research regarding distracted driving in Nevada due to the use of cell phones, people know that it’s not safe, but they still do it anyway. Checking messages while driving might take 5 seconds but anything could happen in that little time while you are distracted from the road.

Some people are badly addicted to their phones that even if they don’t have to receive a call, check their message or email, they will still use it. Using social media apps on the phone is also becoming one of the major reasons to get addicted to your phones. Sometimes when drivers are not using phones, but are stressed that they are unable to use phones could cause the risk of distraction on the road.

Ways to Tackle Cell Phone Addiction While Driving:

There are several steps you could take to control your cell phone addiction and be the safe driver on the road.

1. Acknowledging that You Are Addicted to Your Phone:

To be able to tackle any issue, it’s important that you accept that you do have that addiction or problem. This allows you to take specific measures to overcome it. When you keep on denying that you have a cell phone addiction, you won’t be able to tackle it and keep on making the same mistake.

Check your addiction by asking these questions from yourself. Do you have a habit of checking your phone every now and then? Do you feel anxious if you are unable to find your phone? Can you avoid using phones while sitting or conversing with your loved ones? If the answer to any or all of these questions is yes, then you have to find out ways to control your phone addiction.

2. Looking for Ways to Help Yourself:

Everyone is different. Thus, they have different ways to tackle their addictions and problems. You have to find ways that suit you best to overcome your phone-using addiction. Some ways to keep yourself away from cell phones are:

  • Keep your phones where you are unable to see them.
  • Keep your phone notifications off while driving.
  • Install a certain app that blocks your mobile phone notifications while you are driving.
  • Keep your phone switched off until you reach your destination.

3. Check Your Phone Before Going on the Road:

One other habit that could save you from any kind of accidents on the road due to cell phone distraction is that you should check your phone before going out to drive. This also includes replying to every message or email that’s important. Set your music playlist so you don’t have to change the music while driving. Make every important call before going on the road.

4. Pull Over If You Have to Take an Urgent Call or Respond to a Message:

If you have an urgent call to receive or a message to respond to, you can pull over your car by the side of the road to respond to it. It will save you and other drivers on the road from any kind of road accident. Once you are done, you can resume driving.

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