Challenges of Linking Back Pain to a Las Vegas Car Crash Injury

las vegas car crash

Accidents give rise to many unwelcomed physical injuries. Outcomes of a Las Vegas car crash are often brutal. According to the stats released by Traffic Crash Data, the number of fatalities caused by car accidents in Las Vegas was 284 in the year 2019 alone.

Spinal injuries varying from sprains, strains, and herniated discs to fractured vertebrae and paralysis are the worse of car crash consequences. Usually, it is very easy to declare the wound is due to the car crash through X-rays but disturbingly insurance companies in Las Vegas give the injured an extremely tough time in car insurance claims.

What You Need to Know About a Las Vegas Car Crash Injury:

Even though Las Vegas has commanding laws regarding car accidents yet insurance companies may take advantage of these physical injuries if they are not apparent. For example, if the accident has caused an internal injury to the body like damaging the soft tissues, your car insurance may be at stake.

They may provide the victim with several excuses to ensure they remain unsuccessful in obtaining their insurance. These excuses include deceiving the person with no association of the wound to the car crash or even falsely proving that the wound preexisted before the accident happened.

Internal vs. External Back Injury Due to a Car Crash:

There are two major types of injuries i.e. internal and external. For example, damage to the back’s soft tissues is an example of internal injury while a broken bone describes the external injury. Both types of injuries have certain characteristics upon which they are diagnosed. The most common characteristic is the visibility of the two. While internal injuries could be a lot painful than external ones, they are usually neglected as they are not likely to be seen.

Additionally, there comes an evident difference between the severity levels of the aforementioned two kinds. The diagnosis of the internal injury is also harder than that of external due to its non-appearance and lack of symptoms on the body. On the one hand, Internal injuries tend to be more severe as compared to external injuries, they are likely to be prolonged as well. Thus, the victim must visit the doctor for appropriate diagnosis and timely treatment.

Areas Where Insurance Companies May Exploit the Injured:

Las Vegas car crash injuries can cause severe damages to a person’s spinal cord and associated areas. However, many times, the injuries are internal and thus are simply not visible. This is where insurance companies try their best to take advantage of the situation and create a circumstance to not lend you your rightful compensation against the injury caused by the car crash.

Below are a few areas where insurance companies can play their card:

Treatment, Overdue:

Often the victims of a car crash do not take physical injuries very seriously which leads to delayed treatment and even prolonged assessment. Specifically, in the case of back injury, although, these victims badly feel pain but assume that it will go away as time passes. While at times it turns out to be true, many times our inattentiveness can ignite the symptoms and the situation might worsen over time.

Therefore, one should always be cautious and look for medical treatment right after being exposed to a car crash. The records of your doctor’s visit help you link the injury to the crash while giving insurance companies very insufficient space to act against it.

Bias Against Internal Injuries:

Insurance companies that are responsible for providing the wounded with their rightful compensation do not take soft-tissue injuries as severe as others. The reason that they provide is that if it had been severe, it must have broken a bone. This makes the victim essential to have adequate medical evidence supporting a back injury caused by the car crash, even if it is not displayed on an imaging test.

Besides, the victim needs to attend the follow-up appointments in order to show that the victim is mindful of their situation and is not taking the situation lightly. If the victim fails to do this, the insurance company may have a huge comeback as a justification to abandon your call for compensation.

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