Chronic Pain After a Crash – But No Clear Injuries?

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is something that many people live through without ever knowing that it’s a medical condition. You wake up in pain. You go to sleep in pain. But, all that time in between is often filled with minor but ever-present pain. Is there any relief? Often you can’t get real relief without risking a full opioid addiction from a long-term prescription for pain relievers.

Chronic pain is something you must learn to manage, but that doesn’t mean you have to live through the pain without some compensation. Hold the driver responsible and get the support that you require to get some help with your medical needs. A local Henderson car wreck attorney can help you with this.

Visible and Non-Visible Injuries

A visible injury is pretty straight forward, you can see it. Now when it comes to these, we’re talking about broken bones, gashes, bruises. But when you look at non-visible injuries, It seems much more serious because it’s internal bleeding, concussions, and more.

When you’re looking at chronic pain, that is an invisible injury or a non-visible injury. Chronic pain syndrome only develops after people spend an extensive amount of time in chronic pain. It’s a non-visible injury that takes time to develop. When it comes to car crashes, it’s not something that a doctor could diagnose.

A doctor will only assess chronic pain syndrome if the pain continues for more than three or six months. Additionally, that doctor will look extensively through your medical history. They’ll take a keen interest in the injuries from your car crash.

What is Chronic Pain Syndrome?

Chronic Pain Syndrome happens in about 25% of people who experience long-term or ongoing pain. That pain can stem from injuries, arthritis, genetic conditions, and more. Basically, if you’re in pain for a long time, your brain gets used to experiencing pain and will continue perpetuating the sensation.

On the whole, doctors don’t know why Chronic Pain Syndrome exists only that some people experience it. After being in pain for so long, the body just stays in pain. It’s very difficult to treat and can come with additional risks such as possible addiction development. The solution is not to prescribe pain pills again and again.

Instead, doctors need to consider multiple approaches and the advantages they provide the individual patient. Chronic Pain Syndrome is real, but doctors and researchers just don’t know much about the underlying elements of the condition.

If you’re in pain, have been in pain for months, and have been in a crash or had an injury, which could lead to this pain, then call your doctor. They do know that it is different from fibromyalgia or other conditions, which result in ongoing pain.

Is There Treatment for CPS?

Chronic Pain Syndrome, or CPS, does have treatment options. The doctor will want to know where your pain is, if it varies through the day, or if specific things aggravate it, and when it started. Treatment can involve prescription medication, although pain killers are the last resort. Instead, they test to see if steroids or anti-inflammatories would work first.

They may also work to block nerves from sending specific signals. Psychological and behavioral therapy is also a good option. It can have a bit impact on helping people disassociate from the phantom pain they’re suffering from.

Can You Get Compensation for Your Chronic Pain?

Chronic Pain Syndrome falls right between your medical claims and your pain and suffering. You’ll no doubt have medical bills because of CPS. But you’ve also gone through extensive pain and lived with it for a long time. You should absolutely include your chronic pain in your demand and pursue the damages as soon as they arise.

The trouble that many people experience is that their claim has already closed. But the nature of the delay in this diagnosis can help you pursue recovery anyway. You need to contact a local Henderson attorney for your crash injuries.

What Can A Henderson Car Accident Attorney Do for You?

Non-visible injuries are just as real as a broken bone, or a gash across your arm. However, with chronic pain, you need to assess how much you can do and then adjust your life to those restrictions. When you have this type of injury, you need the support of a local Henderson car accident law firm. These resources will help you value and pursue financial recovery.

Contact Christian Morris Trial Attorneys for support, legal guidance, and representation. Your adjustment to chronic pain will require a lifetime of struggle and accommodation. You should get that compensation early on to help you rebuild your life.