Common Causes of Uber Accidents in Henderson Nevada

Common Causes of Uber Accidents in Henderson Nevada

If you’ve been injured in an Uber accident, contact a Henderson Uber accident lawyer at Christian Morris Trial Attorneys for help.

Uber is one of the best things to happen in the last decade. Thanks to Uber, you can find a designated driver easily and conveniently with just the press of a button. Such convenience has not only saved many people’s lives but is also easy on your wallet. Uber has made it possible for someone to order a car and have it waiting in just a matter of minutes, all from an app. However, some Uber drivers aren’t as professional as many people would like to think. Many Uber drivers clock several hours a day behind the wheel looking to make an extra buck, which increases their risk of getting into an accident.

All you need to become an Uber driver is a clean driving record coupled with a good car. Although you might know this already, the company only runs a basic background check on the applicant/driver before approving his/her request. As long as your car has auto insurance, and you have a good driving record, you can then start driving for the company. While this may be ok, just because you weren’t in an accident in the past couple of months or years doesn’t mean you won’t cause or be involved in one in the coming days.

An Uber driver can cause an accident just as anyone else would. The fact that most drivers are behind the wheel for many hours every day, and sometimes are forced to drive on unfamiliar roads and streets, increases their chances of getting into an accident. If for one reason or another, you sustain injuries from an accident involving an Uber, you can seek compensation for the damages. You only need to contact a Henderson Uber accident lawyer as soon as possible for advice on what to do next. The lawyers will look into your case to see if you can make a legal claim for damages.

The Most Common Causes Of Uber Accidents In Henderson

Henderson is Nevada’s second-largest city. Weekends here are usually bustling with activity with people moving to various points in the city. An Uber driver in Henderson can easily serve dozens of people per night. Traffic here can be a mess, too. This makes it easy for anyone to get into an accident in the blink of an eye. With hundreds of other road users, an Uber driver isn’t immune to accidents. Some of the most common causes of Uber accidents here include:

Distracted Driving

It is easy for anyone, and especially Uber drivers, to be distracted when driving in the city. The driver might be distracted by notifications on his/her phone about a potential rider, or even when trying to navigate through the maps. The constant phone-checking leads to reduced attention to the road, increasing the risk of an accident.


The more riders an Uber driver can serve, the more money they will make in a day. Your Uber driver may, therefore, try to get you to your destination as quickly as possible, to make as many trips as possible – increasing the risk of an accident.

Drunk Driving

Your Uber driver might have decided to ‘have one for the road’ before coming on his/her shift. Most riders are too distracted to notice if their driver is sober or not. Although they might seem ok, a drunk driver is more likely to cause an accident than a sober one.

Bad Weather

Most Uber drivers aren’t professional drivers. Many of them will struggle as much as anyone else while driving in the rain, or snow, or sleet. Bad weather can make it quite hard to control the car, and can be a big contributing factor in an accident.

Whatever the reason was for the accident, you still need to get proper legal advice on the best way to move forward. An experienced Henderson Uber accident lawyer can look into your case and help you file a claim against the driver, Uber, or both.

Should You File A Claim Against The Driver Or The Company?

Many victims do not know who should be held accountable for their damages. As confusing as it may sound, you can sue both Uber, the company, and the driver. Every Uber driver is required to make sure their car is fully insured, and that the insurance covers passengers. That way, the insurance company will pay for all damages you (the passenger) sustain from the accident. If the insurance doesn’t provide coverage for all the injuries caused, then Uber will be to blame. Uber is required by law to carry at least $1 million in insurance coverage to handle such cases.

Call A Henderson Uber Accident Lawyer If You’ve Been In An Uber Accident

Have you or a loved one, sustained an injury while riding in an Uber? A good auto accident law firm in Nevada may be able help you get compensation. Contact Christian Morris Trial Attorneys for a free consultation and help to file a claim against both Uber and the driver. Our team of experienced lawyers will review your case to see if your claim is valid, as well as answer any questions you might have.