Common Injuries Caused by Motorcycle Accidents

Picture of a person with a helmet in front of their motorcycle

Motorcycles are the ultimate way to enjoy the open road. But an accident can happen just as easily with a motorcycle as it can with a car. When a motorcycle accident strikes, it can cause a range of injuries. These accidents are often the fault of another driver that did not see your motorcycle or yield you the right of way. In these incidents, you need a motorcycle accident attorney in Las Vegas on your side.

While you never want to get into a motorcycle accident, when one happens you should be aware of the injuries that you could possibly sustain. These injuries range from minor to major and can even in some cases become deadly. These top motorcycle injuries can be expected in a motorcycle accident and would need immediate medical attention.

Head Injuries

Head injuries are not only the most common injury that motorcycle riders experience, but they are the deadliest. Both the skull and brain can be damaged in a motorcycle accident. The brain can swell after a severe impact, creating a serious issue that needs medical attention. In addition, you could crack your skull which could lead to further complications.

Beyond the head, the neck is also particularly sensitive to injury in a motorcycle accident. Keep in mind that the only way to protect your head and neck during a motorcycle crash is to wear a helmet. By simply wearing a helmet, you can protect yourself from sustaining a serious head or neck injury that could create serious medical issues.

Road Rash Injuries

Road rash is another top injury that motorcycle riders can experience in a crash. If a rider is thrown from their motorcycle, they can slide across the pavement, causing rubbing of the skin. Road rash is particularly painful and can lead to infection or even nerve damage.

While wearing protective clothing can lessen the impact of road rash, it almost cannot be avoided. Thin clothing can wear away when thrown from a motorcycle. The best option is to invest in leather or special gear that is designed to protect against road rash.

Muscles Damage Injuries

You can easily sustain muscle damage in a motorcycle accident. This can cause severe damage to your body and may even lead to paralysis. Just like you would want to protect your body from road rash, you will want to wear gear that makes sure your muscles are safe should an accident occur.

You will also want to think about muscles exposed to the body such as your eardrum. It can be easy to blow your eardrum during the impact of a crash. Wearing hearing protection or a helmet that covers the ear, you can protect your ear muscles from receiving a painful and debilitating injury.

How Can a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Las Vegas Help Me?

When you work with a motorcycle accident attorney in Las Vegas, you can rest assured that your crash case is handled with care. They will represent you throughout your case and provide you with legal guidance as well. Your Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorney can answer all your legal questions and help you choose the best course of action for your case.

Your motorcycle accident attorney in Las Vegas knows the laws for motorcycle crashes and can help you fight a negligent driver. They will build a strong case that proves another driver was at fault for your accident. They can get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries so you can recover without worrying about paying your medical bills.

A Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorney will support you after a motorcycle crash has injured you. They will fight for your legal rights and work to secure a fair settlement in your case. Let your motorcycle accident attorney in Las Vegas work for you and get you the compensation to pay for your damages so you can recover without worry or stress.

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