Common Injuries from Left Turn Car Accidents in Las Vegas

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Sadly, roadway collisions can turn deadly with many deaths due to incidents involving vehicles. Auto collisions also remain the leading contributor to the death rate for teenagers around the globe. One of the reasons that contribute to these accidents is the occurrence of left-turn car accidents in Las Vegas. As is the case with all car accidents, numerous factors need to be considered before determining the fault. A significant contributor to it is whether the driver was making a left-hand turn during the time of the car crash, or not.

Why Left-Hand Turn Car Accidents in Las Vegas Happen:

In America, approximately 2.5 million people get injured in roadway accidents per year.

Most often, left-hand turns in Las Vegas involve someone who is traveling in a straight path. Under this scenario, the person making the left-hand turn is considered a mistake. This is the common notion accepted by the courts and entities that govern road laws. The primary reasoning behind the concept is that left-hand turn drivers should capitulate all the traffic before making a move towards a path.

There are some exceptions to the near-automatic liability rules and regulations, some of the exceptions are:

  • The vehicle moving in the straight path is at a high speed. In this case, it’s tough to prove who is at fault without a thorough investigation into the situation of the road and any interrupting elements.
  • The vehicle escaped the red light while traveling
  • The vehicle turning left started to turn while considering it safe, while something unforeseen took place. This makes it tough to reduce speed or halt the turn.

The rule of thumb for drivers making left-hand turns is that they need to anticipate the clearance of the intersection. Once the roadway is clear only then, the left-hand turn should be completed. It should be clear and free from any incoming traffic flow to prevent any injury-causing accidents.

Injuries Resulting from Left-Hand Turn Accidents:

Like any other automobile collisions, left-hand turn accidents can result in several different forms of personal injuries, wounds, and bruises. The extent of it hugely relies upon the size and speed of the car involved. Moreover, it’s significant to note that incidents involving smaller vehicles like motorcycles or pedestrians can be fatal and intense. The injuries that result from left-hand turn incidents include the following:

  • Breaking and damaging of bones
  • Intense internal bleeding
  • Loss of limbs
  • Permanent defacement and disfigurement
  • Paralysis or immobility for life
  • Brain injury or disorder
  • Loss of life-death
  • Spinal cord or neck injury.

Recovery from all these serious injuries takes months, years, and sometimes, even whole lives. Unfortunately, in few fatal accidents, victims may never recover at all from the injuries sustained.

Personal injuries as an outcome of left-turn collision can bring substantial financial repercussions which may include:

  • Disability for life
  • Long-term medical costs and hospitalization charges
  • Pain, agony, and suffering
  • Permanent or temporary loss of income
  • Burial and funeral expenses
  • Loss of financial support or companionship

Seeking for Damages from Left-Hand Turn Accidents:

A left-hand turn incident seems easy and simple but, that is not always the case. Nevertheless, it is quite hard and burdensome to prove liability without any solid evidence. Even if the individual is not hurt or harmed during the turn, that may not free them of liability.

It is heavily dependent upon several factors. To prove liability in left-hand turn crashes, you need to establish that another driver was reckless and ruthless in violating the traffic and road laws. That’s why it’s difficult to establish that because the driver making a left-hand turn is instinctively at fault.

For instance, a driver is making a left-hand turn while the road was clear, but stopped due to a collision with another vehicle that approached at a fast speed. In this case, it’s tough to prove that the driver making the left-hand turn caused the accident.

If your loved ones have been involved in an auto collision, the most important step is to acquire medical assistance for any potential injuries or bruises. A professional medical practitioner can aid in assessing the extent of the situation and best determine the course of recovery and rehabilitation. Once you are diagnosed with any sort of injury, it’s imperative to consult and seek guidance from an attorney.

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