Distracted Driving in Henderson, NV; Everything You Need to Know:

Distracted Driving in Henderson, NV; Everything You Need to Know:

Driving requires a lot of focus and attention. Even a slight bit of carelessness can cause an unforgiving disaster. Sometimes drivers who have years of experience tend to become negligent. They might over-speed or skim through their phone or just casually call up a friend while driving. However, what they forget is the fact that such negligence could create long-term problems not only for themselves but for others too. Lives could be in danger due to such actions.

Unfortunately distracted driving in Henderson, NV has become increasingly common. So often we observe people being callous on the road and not paying any attention. All too often, this leads to catastrophic road accidents. According to reports, distracted driving is the reason behind 58% of car accidents involving teenagers in the U.S. The alarming statistics indicate that distracted driving has become a huge problem for the state and has risked the lives of many people in society.

However, it is important to understand the reasons behind distracted driving so a viable solution could be devised.

The Reasons Behind Distracted Driving in Henderson, NV:


Driving requires focus but when you try to juggle hundreds of tasks along with driving then you will inevitably attract only trouble. Some people want to finish their coffee, check their Instagram feed, correct the side mirror, fill a cheque and drive a car! When you tend to do all this work together then you will be unable to pay attention to the road. Consequently, you will be exposed to a huge risk; The loss of life due to these distractions.

Lack of sleep:

Another reason for distracted driving is lack of sleep. When you do not have an adequate amount of sleep then you cannot set your eyes straight on the road or maintain focus. Driving becomes an arduous task and even though your eyes are open, your brain is not functioning at optimum, making you more prone to accidents.

Lack of sleep can make you less alert and affect coordination, reaction time, judgment ability and lead to cognitive impairment. Unfortunately, Nevada experiences a lot of such incidents near interchanges and intersections. This not only risks the lives of people but sometimes leads to fatalities too.


Stress is one of the major reasons behind distracted driving in Henderson, NV. Too many stress-related thoughts can easily sway a person’s focus causing them to make a mistake. Although little attention is paid to this factor, mental health experts have identified stress as a major reason.

Driving Under the Influence:

The use of alcohol, drugs, or even prescribed medicine can distract drivers as well. Alcohol tends to delay response time causing drivers to make mistakes. However, according to the laws of Nevada, drivers under the influence of alcohol can be heavily fined and at times people could be arrested too. Even claiming car insurance can be difficult if traces of drunk driving are found. Car insurance companies could list you as a high-risk driver and charge much higher rates for insurance.

What to Do If You Get Hit by a Distracted Driver?

Distracted drivers greatly endanger the lives of other people and most of them are involved in hit and run cases. It is the passer-by who has to suffer because of the negligence of such drivers. People are often clueless after accidents; therefore, it is important that one should be fully aware of the action plan which needs to be followed.

The first and foremost step is to file a report and inform your car accident attorney. A good road accident lawyer would be able to guide you in a much better way and create ways through which you will be able to claim compensation in a fairly easy manner.

Many people try not to opt for the legal route in such cases but this can be a grave mistake. If you do not on-board a professional road accident attorney for cases related to distracted driving, then the liable party can very easily get away with it. There will be no one to hold them accountable for their actions and all your suffering will be in vain.

Additionally, handling insurance companies on your own is also not easy. One needs to be represented by a well-reputed firm or an individual who can build a strong case for their clients.

Authorities have identified distracted driving in Henderson, NV as a looming risk for people. Not many understand the importance of being attentive while driving. However, if you want to save the valuable lives of other people then it is essential that you stay alert!