Distracted Driving – Tips and Tricks to Stay Focused

Distracted Driving in Nevada

Distracted driving plagues us all – the ping of a text or chime of a notification calls to us with the ever-increasing demand. Don’t worry, other people fully understand the struggle of staying dedicated and focused on driving safely, and there are multiple ways that you can now make it easier to avoid distractions.

Distracted driving is up among the top causes of accidents on the road now. But with these tips and tactics, you can keep yourself focused and know that in the least if you’re having an accident resulting from distracted driving that you weren’t the one causing it. The fault is often a substantial element that comes into play in crash resolution, and knowing that you weren’t at fault can be a great peace of mind.

Use Your Phone’s Settings to Deter Distractions

Depending on your phone’s operating system and your phone service provider, you may have a wide variety of options in eliminating distractions. Both iOS and Android systems have options for “do not disturb” while driving in their settings. They may be slightly difficult to find at first, But with a bit of effort, it can have a huge payoff.

Both iOS and multiple manufacturers of phones that use the Android system have expressed their concern to help the public overcome distracted driving and control the distractions of a smartphone.

Many phone service providers have also taken the initiative to add apps or restrictions on phone use while traveling at certain speeds. AT&T was famously recognized for their It Can Wait program that had over 40 million pledges made to never drive distracted. Distraction-free driving can drastically impact the number of fatal accidents and serious injuries resulting from crashes.

Eliminate Notifications

There is a clever commercial going around that makes the joke, “My phone doesn’t have silence,” and the actor on the other end of the joke explains that every phone has silence. But turning off notifications isn’t something that most cell phone users are familiar with. And some phone systems make it extremely difficult to eliminate notifications regularly.

iPhone systems will often have a flip switch or a toggle switch available on the side of the phone to silence notifications for a short period of time. Android systems will vary from phone to phone based on the design from the manufacturer.

Set Rules with Passengers, Especially Kids

Many people forget that passengers are a primary form of distraction also. Parenting from the front seat and trying to engage with passengers that are in the car can often lead to accidents and put the driver at fault. What you can do is set rules with the passengers. While it’s certainly fine to have a passive conversation, you might want to set a rule that arguments and conversations that require serious or careful decision-making need to be done outside the car.

For kids, you might layout rules about arguing, sharing, eating, and complaining. As a parent, it’s extremely frustrating to listen to constant complaints from the back seat, knowing that you can’t do anything to resolve the problem at that moment. Then when it comes to eating in the back seat, there may be the constant worry or fear of a toddler choking and being unable to respond well in the front seat.

Make clear rules for the car and know that you may not have to explain them to everyone. You don’t need to give a substantial lecture to everyone that gets into your vehicle. But if someone tries to engage in a rather serious conversation while you’re driving, you can explain that your family has a rule about conversations that distract from driving. Or if you have a friend of your child in the vehicle asking for something to you in the back seat, you can explain that there’s no eating in the car.

Contact Your Henderson Car Accident Lawyer If You’re Hit By a Distracted Driver

If you were in a Henderson distracted driving accident, you might not be surprised. However, if you know you are the one staying off your phone, you do have the right to be hurt and frustrated. 20 or 30 years ago, cell phones behind the wheel were not a problem, but now they are the biggest issue on the road.

At the law offices of Christian Morris Trial Attorneys, you can get help right here in Henderson to resolve your crash with an experienced and skilled attorney. Henderson car accident attorneys are unfortunately very well versed with distracted driving and can help you understand how to prove that the distraction was present and how to move forward seeking full compensation.