A Guide to Avoiding Drowsy Driving Car Accidents in Las Vegas

Concept of drowsy driving car accidents in Las Vegas

How does a typical driver avoid drowsy driving car accidents in Las Vegas? Driving at night can be fatal but many Las Vegas commercial drivers have to operate their vehicles at night. There’s no way for them to avoid night driving. But at the same time, it is also important for them to take all measures to prevent getting into a car accident in Las Vegas.

The biggest reason night drivers get into accidents is drowsy driving. Those drivers who are sleepy, tired, or fatigued while driving off to their shift are at risk of dozing off and ending up in an accident. According to the report of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2017, drowsy driving caused 795 fatalities in motor vehicle crashes.

What Causes Drowsy Driving?

One reason that is most prominent for drowsy driving is traveling at night. However, besides this, there are plenty of other reasons that give rise to drowsy driving. A few of these reasons include:

  • Sleeping disorders
  • Fatigue from a long day at work
  • Sleepless nights
  • Prescribed sleep-inducing medicine
  • Lack of sleep
  • Boredom
  • Drunk driving
  • Driving long hours

Dangers of Drowsy Driving:

Drowsy driving can be deadly. A poll carried out by National Sleep Foundation in 2015 reported that 60% of adult drivers have driven a vehicle while being sleepy and 37% of them have fallen asleep behind the wheel. This report depicts a very dangerous number. Every drowsy person behind the wheel is a threat to themselves and others.

Even 4 to 5 seconds of drowsiness on the road are fatal. When a driver loses their attention while driving, they can completely lose hold of their vehicle. In those split seconds, a driver could crash into anything. Being drowsy also takes away the decision-making skill of the driver. It can result in a driver’s or passengers’ fatal accident.

Signs You Cannot Ignore:

When a driver leaves home to get on the road, they don’t always realize that they’re sleep-deprived. However, certain signs can tell you when you need to stop and rest.

  • Frequent yawning
  • Drifting into other lanes
  • Feelings of dozing off
  • Droopy eyes, tired eyes, or an increase in blinking
  • Missing a road sign or exit
  • Inability to remember the last few miles
  • Difficulty maintaining proper speed
  • Tailgating

Tips That Can Help Avoid Drowsy Driving Car Accidents in Las Vegas:

Drivers can take a few steps to avoid getting into fatal car accidents in Las Vegas due to drowsy driving. There are some beneficial tips that a driver can practice before or during a trip to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Things to Do Before Driving

It’s important to prepare before you start driving.

  • Break The Trip:

It is difficult for any driver to retain his or her attention on the road when the trip exceeds regular hours. Planning ahead can be helpful in this case. Break long trips into smaller segments since driving throughout the day without rest can make you drowsy. Taking breaks will keep your energy up.

  • Avoid Driving at Night:

If you can, you should avoid driving at midnight or in the early afternoon. Those are the drowsiest parts of the day.

  • Allocate Time for Rest:

When you go on a trip, it’s important to plan stops along the way where you can rest and recharge.

  • Sleep Well:

Before you get on the road, your focus should be on getting plenty of sleep the night before. However, it’s better if you get adequate sleep for multiple nights until the day of driving.

  • Avoid Alcohol and Other Sedatives:

You should avoid any substance that could leave you drowsy the next day.

  • Bring a Travel Companion:

Having someone travel with you can help to keep your focus on the road while traveling. You can also share driving duties with that person whenever you get drowsy.

While You’re Driving:

While you’re driving, use these tips.

  • Watch for Warning Signs:

You must keep an eye out for warning signs while driving. This can help you figure where you can take a stop to reenergize yourself.

  • Utilize Caffeine:

It is a known fact that caffeine helps people stay awake as it is a stimulant that keeps you more alert for longer hours. However, it isn’t a permanent solution to sleepiness. When the caffeine wears off, you’ll be back to square one. Moreover, depending entirely on caffeine may put you at risk.

  • Practice Tricks to Stay Awake:

It can be helpful to practice tricks that could distract you from sleepiness like managing the air conditioning in your car or listening to the radio.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney:

Even after you practice all the tips, it still doesn’t fully eliminate the risk of getting into a car accident in Las Vegas due to drowsiness. Just one long blink can become life-threatening. If you do end up in a car accident, you can hire a car accident attorney for legal guidance.

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