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Life can change drastically for anyone involved in a car crash that resulted in injuries. The treatment and road to recovery can be grueling, stressful, and expensive. The ever-rising medical bills and lost work wages may be overwhelming. That is why you should seek full compensation for the injuries and damages. If you are unfortunate enough to be in a vehicle accident in Fernley that is due to another person’s misconduct or negligence, then you should get in touch with Christian Morris Trial Attorneys. We have experienced Fernley, Nevada, car accident lawyers that will take up your case and fight for your interests as you seek compensation for the injuries and damages you sustained in the accident.

Remember that taking such an action will see you face some significant defiance from the other party’s insurers. The legal battle should not be another issue to add to your woes. That is why you should consider enlisting the services of an experienced auto accident lawyer in Fernley. At Christian Morris Trial Attorneys, we have dealt with different insurance companies that will do what they can to avoid giving a fair settlement. And we have taken them on while representing our client’s interests and ensure that they honored what they are legally obligated to award our affected client.

Remain At The Scene

Avoid leaving the scene of the accident, especially if it resulted in damage to the vehicle or injuries to someone. You should stay there until the police that you or the other party called to arrive and take your statements. Otherwise, you can be charged and penalized for leaving. Moreover, you need to access the situation and offer a helping hand was needed.

Move Your Vehicle Out Of The Way If Possible To Avoid Blocking Traffic

If any of the vehicles can be moved, whether the engine is running or dead, then get them to the side of the road. However, you should do this after taking pictures of the accident and ensuring you have captured every angle and detail of the scene.


For the car that has their lights working, you should have the hazard warning one. Then set the cones or caution sign a few meters away from the scene to warn oncoming traffic. Avoid staying inside the vehicle, and a pick a safe place where you can stay as you wait for the police or medical response team to arrive.

Avoid Admitting Fault

The traffic laws in Nevada place the blame of the accident on the driver that is found to have caused the collision or crash. That driver will be held financially liable for the injuries and damages. If you believe you are at fault, do not admit to it or offer any apologies for the accident.


You should wait for the police and your insurance company to investigate the matter and assign blame. There so happen that there was an element in play that you were not aware of that could place fault on the other driver or on unfortunate incidents such as hazardous road or weather conditions.


Check For Injuries And Seek Medical Attention

You should assess yourself and see if you have any injuries, and if you can, also check on the other people involved in the crash. Request for a medical response team to come to the scene as you also call the police. Never assume that a bystander has called for help. Try to find out if the injured person is conscious and ask about their injuries. Do not try and move them because you can worsen minor injuries. Instead, try and keep a cool mind as you also do your best to keep the other person calm as you all wait for the emergency assistance.

Report The Car Accident To Police

You should report any automotive accident to the police if it results in fatalities, injuries, or property damage that exceeds $750. But we highly recommend that you contact the police even if you are in a collision in which you did not sustain in harm. If you cannot reach them, then you should file a traffic accident report within ten days of the incident. Always stick to the facts of what happened when talking with the police. Do your best to give a detailed account based on what you can recall, include things such as the direction the cars were traveling, road signs you came across, and the name of anyone that witnessed the incident.

Gather Information About The Accident

Since you should not leave the scene, then you should do your best to gather as much information as you can about the crash. You will need to know the name of the other driver as well as their insurance details. Stay calm so that your memory of the accident is fresh so that you can recount what happened when recording your statement. Also, remember to note the name of the officer that responds and arrives on the scene. Do the same with anyone that saw the crash as well as any passenger that you or the other driver had in the car.

Take Photos

If you have a smartphone with a working camera, then use it to take photographs of the crash. Capture images of the vehicles and the damage. Also, take pictures of the injuries and state of the road, and include any landmarks that are around. You should take note of any relevant details, such as a tree that might be blocking a road sign. Such obstruction can cause the driver to roll through into a hazardous situation. With the photos, you will have inscrutable proof that will strengthen your case.

Call Your Insurance Company

Insurance companies tend to have strict deadlines for reporting an accident. Therefore, you should get in touch with the insurers as soon as possible to inform them of what happened. Make sure that you adhere to the instructions for reporting such a matter, and do not admit fault. If contacted by the other driver’s insurance provider, then give your name and contacts but do not record any statements or accept the settlement they might offer you before you speak to your lawyer.

Create An Accident File

If you are certain that you should take legal action against the other driver that is to blame for the accident, then you should create an organized file that states every relevant detail of the incident. Such information will validate your reasons for pursuing compensation. Therefore, the mode information gathered, the stronger your case.

Lastly, you should reserve anything that you feel you need to say for your attorney. We at Christian Morris Trial Attorneys know too well how your word can be used against you. Allow our Fernley car accident lawyer to be the one communicating with the insurance providers on your behalf. The lawyer will negotiate the settlement and ensure your case is strong is it sees its day in court.

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What Will A Vehicle Collision Injury Attorney Do For Me?

Statistics show that many of the personal injury claims are linked to road accidents. Fortunately, though, a significant number of the car accidents are minor. They can include cases such as a fender bender or any other damage can one can handle with the aid of the insurance companies. However, if the damages are extensive, and they include severe injuries, then it is wise to contact an attorney.

Never forget that many insurance companies are powerful organizations will enough resources they can leverage to try and save money every time they are slapped will compensation claims. With a personal injury lawyer on your side, you will have a professional representing your interests when fighting the powerful insurance companies. They will try to find anything that will help them refute the claim or support their reasons for reducing the settlement. Your attorney will be on hand to uphold your rights and make sure you get full compensation.

How Much Should I Expect From My Fernley Car Accident Case?

Several things will be factored in to determine the much your potential personal injury case is worth. For instance, the nature of your injuries will be a significant factor. Are you unable to resume work because you are severely injured or permanently disabled? Did the accident lead to the loss of a loved one? Was your car completely wrecked and written-off?

Every accident or case is unique based on its circumstances. That is why every verdict or settlement will be different. But with an experienced attorney that specializes in Fernley car accident cases, you will be able to have a close idea of the value of your compensation case.

How Soon Should I Contact An Auto Accident Lawyer In Fernley?

If you sustained injuries in a vehicle accident in Fernley, you should go for a physical check. Do not assume that minor graze or ache is nothing that warrants immediate medical attention. Get checked, and be confident that all is well. Whether you get minor or significant injuries, you should get in touch with a vehicle collision attorney for guidance.

Road accident cases face a statute of limitations, and that is why you should go for a physical exam soon after the accident. Do not wait for symptoms to show. We have come across some instances where the police have inaccurate reports describing the injuries and fault. That is also another matter that pushed for the need to get in touch with our Fernley car accident lawyers so that they can review the police reports. Therefore, you should contact Christian Morris Trial Attorneys as soon as possible once you are in an automotive collision. We also recommend that you avoid communicating with the insurance company to avoid giving any statement that may be used against you, thus voiding your claim.

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What Should I Do After The Car Accident?

The Common Causes of Most Automotive Road Crashes in Fernley, Nevada?

How Is Fault In A Car Accident In Nevada Determined?

Who Should I Contact For A Free Consultation After A Car Accident in Fernley, NV?

You always should have your health as your top-most concern when involved in an accident. That is why seeking immediate medical treatment should be a top priority. Procrastinating on this matter can lead to problems that are severe and costlier to treat than it would have if you went for a check-up and got treated immediately after the car accident.

In the same spirit, you need to consult a personal injury lawyer to help you file a claim case seeking compensation. You should explain to the doctor what happened in detail for recordkeeping. Also, keep all the medical diagnoses, treatment plans, and bills safe for use as proof in your claims case.

With that in mind, some of the vital things that you should do when involved in an automotive crash include:

In our years practicing law we have learned most car accidents were easily avoidable. In fact the majority of all car accident near Fernley would not have happened if the negligent party had abstained from the following:

Distracted Driving

Driver engages in other things when driving, and they are distracted from watching the road ahead. Such actions are why distracted driving is among the leading causes of car collisions in the United States of America. Distracted driving can take place in several ways. It can occur because the driver was trying to operate the digital map or GPS while driving, was texting or using the phone, eating, dealing with a child, trying to avoid an animal that jumped on the road, among other activities. Getting distracted is considered a negligent act since the driver’s attention was not on the road but on other things.

Reckless Driving

Speeding can be considered reckless driving since in threats the safety of other road users. Reckless driving is any action when driving that flouts traffic laws. Recklessness is an act of negligence. It will include other actions such as not indicating the turn signal from making a turn, skipping the stop sign or red light, swerving and change lanes haphazardly, or any other dangerous thing when operating a vehicle.

Falling Asleep While Behind The Wheel

Most drivers that fall asleep when seated behind the wheel do this because they are tired or under the influence of a substance such as alcohol or medicine. Large commercial trucks are the ones most linked with such accidents. Sleep drivers endanger the lives of road users as well as the passengers inside the vehicle. Avoid driving if you are feeling too tired. And though crashed linked to the driver falling asleep tend to occur at night, many of the daytime accidents are also associated with the same issue.

Drunk Driving

Driving when intoxicated is illegal and poses a significant risk to other road users. The intoxication makes it hard for the driver to say focused. Short attention spans and feeling drowsy are synonymous with being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. An intoxicated driver will not be able to respond correctly or immediately to an emergency, thus can easily lose control of the car and crash. And since their intoxicated state makes them relax, it is likely that the intoxicated drivers will not sustain any injuries though they may have caused a fatal accident.

Speeding Drivers

Driving too fast may seem like fun, but the risk of a crash happening is high. The driver might be going over the speed limit knowingly. It is hard for the driver to stop the vehicle in time so that they can avoid causing an accident when driving that fast. The crash into the other vehicle or road user because they do not have enough time to stop and swerve safely to avoid causing a collision. Read-end crashes are a perfect example of accidents attributed to speeding.

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Since Nevada is a fault state, the driver found to have caused the crash is held accountable for injuries or damages that result from the accident. That means the blame must be determined and is not an automatic conclusion. If you cannot give proof of fault is on the other party, then your compensation case for the injuries or damages you sustained will be weak. You might not get full compensation.

In most situations, the fault is based on the reckless and negligent actions of the other driver. Negligence is a violation of traffic laws. It is regarded as a failure to take reasonable actions that ensure the safety of other road users. And the driver may not have violated the law for there to be found negligence that makes them liable for the accident.

As such, thorough investigations looking into the collision are necessary if you are to have enough proof that is strong enough to support your claim case. The investigations will look into things such as the actions of the driver leading up to the crash and the information in the police report as well as photos taken of the scene. Witness statements will also be crucial in the same. The same goes for the doctor’s report regarding your injuries and treatment. Our lawyers will also try to get the statement of the other driver and will take into account the conditions of the road and weather.

If need be, we may have to bring in an accident reconstruction expert to help us determine fault. In some instances, both parties involved in a car crash are partially at fault. Therefore, the rules of comparative negligence will govern such a claim case.

Christian Morris Trial Attorneys is a law firm with years of experience dealing in personal injury cases. We have handled various car accidents and thus are familiar with the judges and courts that handle such matters in Fernley. As such, we are well-known, and our success record speaks for itself. For many years, our attorneys have successfully helped car accident victims receive justice and compensation throughout Nevada, including Fernley, Henderson, Las Vegas, and beyond. If you are looking for experienced attorneys that will fight for your interest when you are seeking fair compensation that call us today. We shall help you establish fault on the other driver and show why you should be awarded money to carter to the injuries and damages sustained in the accident.

Call us today for a free consultation. Our Fernley car accident attorneys will take you through what to expect when pursuing compensation. Moreover, we shall get payment for the services we offer you once we help you recover your dues. You owe us nothing if we fail, with is not something that Christian Morris Trial Attorneys does.

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