Filing Las Vegas Car Accident Claim in Case Your License is Expired

las vegas car accident

Driving without a valid driver’s license is illegal, not just in Las Vegas but pretty much in every state. What to do if you have met with an accident while driving with an expired license? Now you have to file for a Las Vegas car accident claim. The situation becomes uncertain for the drivers as they may be unsure of how this may affect their personal injury claim and their ability to obtain compensation.

It has become quite common for drivers to drive with an expired license. If you have also met in an accident recently and, due to some reasons, you have not renewed your license, below are some of the questions that you should know the answers to in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

What Should You Do If You Have an Accident?

First, what you should do if you are involved in an accident is calm yourself. Do not panic, as it may lead to making wrong decisions. Always contact the local authorities because if you fail to report the accident, it may lead to charges of a hit and run. Eventually, you can get your license suspended because of it.

Involving in an accident even when your license has expired does not mean that you will face serious criminal charges. Operating a vehicle with an expired license is a minor traffic violation and could only get you a minor citation and fine.

In addition to that, the driver must not ignore getting the treatment. The injuries due to accidents are likely to be severe and must be evaluated by medical professionals. If you have an insurance policy, then the insurance company is likely to cover your treatment. Also, having detailed medical records to support your case would be imperative if you choose to file a Las Vegas car accident claim.

Some Questions to Ask for a Las Vegas Car Accident Claim:

If you are in a collision while driving with an expired license, be sure to ask these questions when meeting a Las Vegas car accident lawyer.

Does Showing an Expired License Impact the Claim?

The vital elements that matter in an auto accident for the claim are negligence and liability. If your vehicle has been struck because the other driver was texting, speeding, or ignoring traffic rules, then they would be held liable for injuries and compensation. Your expired license will not affect your capability to drive or the actions of the at-fault driver. In easy words, meeting an accident while your license was expired doesn’t mean that an insurance company gets the right to deny your claim.

However, it is best that you quickly renew your license since the insurance company could outright deny a claim and present the argument that you should not have been driving or you were at least moderately at fault for your injuries. Getting your license renewed at the earliest will demonstrate your commitment to abiding by traffic laws and may also limit the amount of fault that can be applied to you. Use the accident report and medical records to support your case. These documents will ensure that you receive proper compensation.

Does the Insurance Company Cover the Claim Even If the License Is Expired?

This significantly depends on the terms of the policy of your insurance company. If your driving license has expired at the time when you purchased the policy, they might deny your claim. However, if you had a valid driving license at the time of purchasing the policy and it expired later, then the insurance company will not be able to deny your coverage.

Also, know that while your insurer could cover a substantial portion of your damages. It might not cover everything. However, if the other driver is found at fault and your injuries are serious, their insurance company will issue payment – irrespective of the status of your driving license.

What If You Are Found Guilty of Being Partially at Fault?

Understand that having an expired license has no bearing on the driver’s actions. Even if you were found guilty for sharing the blame for the accident while driving with an expired license, you would still be eligible for recovery compensation. However, some damage might be reduced based on your percentage of fault.

Can Contacting an Attorney Help Me?

Yes, getting the help of experienced attorneys can be of great help. You can contact Christian Morris Trial Attorneys to file for a Las Vegas car accident claim. The attorneys have handled various claims and have a proven track record of recovering compensation for our clients.

We help you determine any policy exclusions for driving with an expired license and help seek the maximum compensation for your damages.