Gang Killing in Las Vegas- 14 Year Old’s Death Sees Three Accused

killed in las vegas

A gang killing in Las Vegas has come to light. On Friday, the jury accused three men of a fatal shooting incident involving a girl, aged 14 in North Las Vegas. The accused men have ties with a gang. The tragic incident occurred on 20th November 2019 at the parking lot of Glenbrook Terrace Apartments.

The victim, identified as Amillion Scott, suffered a gunshot wound while she was with her 15-year-old boy inside a car, Honda CRV. The victim could not sustain her injuries and died after 3 weeks of the incident. According to authorities, her boyfriend suffered gunshot injuries on his ankle and upper thigh. The Police found gang ties to 004 Hoodsmen through DNA evidence found on the side mirror of a white car, identified as, Dodge Charger, 2015, said Chief Deputy District Attorney Michael Dickerson.

Three men identified as, Dasean Williams, aged 23, Marcus Covington, aged 24, Marcus Parker, aged 24 have been charged on multiple accounts in this gang killing in Las Vegas. Murder with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to murder, 26 counts of discharging a firearm at a vehicle, and five counts of attempted murder. The suspects were charged last week after a criminal complaint was filed. Dickerson reported that one more person could be involved in the incident.

At the scene of the incident, a side mirror was found with bullet holes. Covington borrowed the car from his girlfriend. After several days, his girlfriend found out that the mirror had been changed.

Further investigation revealed that the receipt of the side mirror was found and it is believed that Covington changed the mirror himself. It has been reported that Covington’s DNA was found inside the mirror components. The witness also reported seeing a white charger fleeing from the scene after the shooting incident.

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