GPS Used to Locate Henderson Murder Scene

killed in las vegas

A Henderson murder scene was linked to a suspect thanks to clever use of GPS by law enforcement personnel.

A man, identified as Aaron Harris, previously involved in alleged sex crimes involving children, was wearing an electronic monitor. After 7 months of sex-related crime accusations, Harris has been accused of killing his wife.

Harris told the police that his monitor was linked with the crime scene as he was driving and looking for his wife. Moreover, Harris reported his wife missing on the 24th of September. Harris also told the police that his wife was concerned about a stranger she crossed paths with. According to Harris, no fight took place between the couple that day.

His wife, identified as Candace Harris, aged 43, was found dead in her SUV, parked in a desert area in Henderson. Harris was arrested for the Henderson murder after two days. Henderson Police found evidence in the second home near Lake Las Vegas. The evidence included women’s scrubs which she was wearing before she was killed, GPS information, and cellophane.

Harris was accused of molesting children, he was on bail and electronic monitoring. Detectives revealed that Harris was lying about looking for his wife at multiple locations as the GPS data showed Harris was in his wife’s car as well as where the body was found.

Harris denied killing his wife and the allegations of sex crimes. He claimed he found his wife’s body but didn’t mention it to 911. He said he was traumatized. Harris plans to represent himself in court as he said he loved his wife and misses her. He further added that his wife’s killer will be caught.

Candace was a defendant in the initial case of sex crimes. She allegedly failed to protect the victims.

A detective testified in front of the jury of the murder case that a third vehicle was there at the Lake Las Vegas home. There was a possibility of an accomplice. The vehicles included trucks belonging to Harris and Candace and a silver sedan.

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