You Must Go to the Hospital After Your Henderson Car Accident

You Must Go to the Hospital After Your Henderson Car Accident

Anyone who gets into a car accident needs to do three important things. First, you need to call 911 so a cop can come to the scene and do a thorough investigation. Your car accident lawyer will tell you the same thing. You also need to go to the hospital immediately. The cops can arrange for an ambulance to take you directly to the hospital. The last thing you need to do is call an experienced car accident lawyer in Henderson, Nevada.

If you follow this advice, you’ll have a better chance of receiving the damages you deserve for your injuries. Whether that’s with the insurance company or in a lawsuit against the driver personally, it doesn’t matter. Your Henderson car accident attorney is going to need medical documentation to prove your case. They’ll also need the police report.

In order to convince the insurance company (or jury) that you deserve to be compensated, your lawyer needs to do two things. They have to prove the other driver was at fault. They also need to prove that you were injured and are entitled to damages.

Your Health is the Most Important Thing

A lot of people choose not to go to the hospital after their Las Vegas car accident. And then they wonder why they lost their car accident lawsuit later on. They don’t realize how important it is to get checked out in the emergency room. They’re going to do all the medical diagnostic tests that can prove if you’re injured or not. Some of these include an MRI, CT Scan, or X-ray. The doctor are also going to do a physical and neurological examination to determine any and all injuries you’ve suffered.

This is the only way you’ll know for sure what is wrong with you. Not only will this ensure that you get the treatment you need. But it will also provide your Henderson car accident lawyer with the proof they need to get you the damages you deserve.

Your Henderson Accident Attorney Needs Proof That You Were Injured

People get into car accidents every day. The hard part isn’t proving that you were involved in a wreck. The hard part is proving that the accident actually led to your injuries. These injuries could be minor or they could be very serious. It depends on your case. If you were in a rear-end accident, you may only have whiplash and a few bruises. If you’re in a tractor trailer accident, your entire body could be crushed. It depends on the type of accident and the impact you suffer.

Even if you think you’re fine, it can’t hurt to get checked out. A few hours in the emergency room can save you a ton of headache later on.

Your Henderson Accident Attorney Needs to Prove Damages

We always tell our clients –if they’re ever in a car accident, go to the hospital. This really shouldn’t be an option. The police can’t force you to go. Unless you’re unconscious, they can’t make you get into the ambulance. However, they can encourage you to do so. You have no idea if you’re hurt or not. Even if you’re a doctor, you can’t see what’s going on inside your body.

Your attorney in Henderson is going to demand the following damages:

  • Medical Bills – Your lawyer can submit copies of your medical bills to show how much your primary health carrier covered. They can also talk to doctors who can testify as to your future medical care. The defendant should be responsible for all of these things.
  • Lost Wages – Depending on how serious your crash is, you may suffer very severe injuries. You could be out of work for quite some time. If this happens, you can demand that you be compensated for any lost wages.
  • Pain and Suffering – If you experience a ton of pain and mental anguish, your lawyer will demand pain and suffering. This is usually equal to about three times your medical bills.

When your attorney files your claim for damages, they do need to support it with evidence. This is why your visit to the hospital is so important. It lets them prove exactly what kind of medical injuries you experienced.

Contact an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer in Las Vegas

Nobody thinks they’re going to be in a car accident. So, when it happens, you may not know where to turn. This is why you should call our office right away. We can look over your case and see if you have a valid claim.