How Much Does a Henderson Auto Accident Attorney Cost

How Much Does a Henderson Auto Accident Attorney Cost

There is not a standard amount a Henderson auto accident attorney charges for a case. However, it is typical for a lot of personal injury lawyers to follow a similar fee structure when working on a case. If you were harmed in a vehicle collision caused by somebody else, having a skilled lawyer can really increase your likelihood of winning the most compensation that you can. Setting up a case evaluation can provide you a good idea of how the attorney works and what their fee structure looks like. This article will discuss the way lawyers normally charge for car accident cases.

How Contingency Fees Work

Fortunately, many car accident lawyers offer a contingency fee when billing for their services. This is unique to personal injury lawyers and makes the situation essentially safe for the injured party. A contingency fee means the lawyer will not get paid by the client unless they recover money in the case. If they do win a settlement for the client, the attorney is paid in the form of:

  • A portion of the settlement won from a car accident case or
  • A portion of what’s awarded by a judge or jury in a trial

Since they help make sure the attorney has your best interests in mind, contingency fees can be quite helpful. An excellent conclusion of a case is beneficial for both parties because you have a good chance of financial recovery, and your attorney has a good chance of making a percentage of what they win. The attorney will work hard to get a positive outcome for you.

The Contingency Fee For Most Personal Injury Attorneys

You may think this all sounds well and good, but you’re still wondering just how much attorneys cost for accident claims. The standard contingency fee for a car accident attorney is generally between 33.3% to 40% of the payout. The price will vary depending on the lawyer’s particular standards and quality of services. Many lawyers will use a sliding scale for their contingency fees based on when they get the case settled. For example:

  • If the case is resolved before the client has to submit a lawsuit, the charge will be closer to one-third of the settlement.
  • If the client does need to file a lawsuit, or if mediation or arbitration is involved, the standard fee is closer to 40% due to the extra time, money, and resources required.

According to the American Bar Association, being more involved in your case can, in some cases, help reduce your total costs– but this is something to go over with your Henderson auto accident attorney directly.

How A Henderson Auto Accident Attorney Gets Paid If They Settle Your Claim

If your attorney is successful and wins you a settlement in your case, they will generally get your settlement check directly. That way, the lawyer can take out their portion as the contingency fee for their assistance. After they obtain your settlement check, your lawyer will get in touch with you to let you know. They will then give you a detailed list containing their fees and any other expenditures or costs associated with the case. Those will be taken out, and you will then get the remaining balance from your settlement check. This method works well for most clients due to the fact that it enables you to get paid without needing to stress over paying your lawyer out of pocket, and there’s no reason to be stressed about costs or charges while the case is taking place.

How To Know If A Lawyer Is Worth The Price

You might ask yourself if what an attorney charges for your claim is actually worth it. It’s a concern that many injured people have. While a car accident victim can manage their case alone, we do not recommend it. After an accident, you will be taking on the insurance company of the at-fault individual. Insurance companies know what they are doing, and they have learned that many accident victims are uninformed about how the legal parts of an insurance claim process work. The insurer will strive to persuade you that you are worthy of a much lower settlement than you actually deserve. One wrong move can reduce your settlement offer. On the other hand, retaining a caring and professional lawyer means you have somebody who understands how to argue on your behalf to get the best offer possible.

A good overall principle is that the more major your injuries involved in your case, the greater need you have for an auto accident attorney. Because the stakes are higher, you can lose a lot of money that you might need to recover properly.

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