How Treatment Refusal Can Affect a Nevada Car Accident Claim

nevada car accident

A Nevada car accident can take place at any time. According to The Nevada Department of Transportation, a total of 51,664 crashes were reported in the state in 2010, alone. While an individual’s vulnerability to meet a car accident is not in their hands, appropriate treatment such as medical assistance at appropriate timings is the next crucial step they should take after being exposed to a car accident.

The reason why medical treatment is necessary after meeting an accident is not only to cure physical injuries but there is an injury claim that may be affected, otherwise. Precisely, refusal to treatment can cost a person in terms of claiming injury insurance. Fortunately, there are expert attorneys at Christian Morris Trial Attorneys Law who can help you with the Nevada Car Accident Claim.

Treatment Refusal and Health-Related Side-effects:

Health is the biggest asset someone can ever have and investing in your health is perhaps the most sensible investment. If an individual is physically fit and healthy, only then can they strive to become better and acquire the best. Taking care of your health is the most important step towards achieving growth. Therefore, a person upon meeting a car accident must take appropriate measures such as medical assistance as mandatory. Those who do not take these measures timely may have to face harsh consequences.

Risks of Hidden Injuries:

Timely medical help is important for the appropriate diagnosis and treatment of the physical injury caused by the car accident. Medical assistance at the right time will also help in preventing any hidden injuries to born and ignite as well.

Prolonged Recovery:

Delayed treatment to the injuries caused by the car accident can lead to a prolonged recovery process which makes it important for a person to seek medical assistance at the right time. Typically, attorneys dealing with injury claims ask their clients to wait for MMI results before filing a complaint about their claim. Hence, the more the treatment is delayed, the more time it will take for the entire procedure to begin and end.

Risk of Greater Complications:

In addition to the aforementioned hazards, there are some others included as well. For example, delayed medical treatment can cause your injury to become worse, thereby leading to higher expenses and bills with specialized treatment. Likewise, missing medical treatment will cause delayed healing which will cause you to keep a helper to help you with daily chores and tasks thus adding up to your expenses.

Treatment Refusal and Nevada Car Accident Claim:

Indeed, refusal of treatment can cost a person in terms of claiming injury insurance. People who refuse to take any medical treatment after meeting a car accident may it be for any reason have to go through tough times as insurance companies are always looking to devalue the claim.

One should remember that insurance companies are always looking out for opportunities to devalue clients’ claims for their monetary advantage. For this purpose, they may not directly accuse clients but provide reasons such as the client’s negligence for refusing to take medical treatment, timely. They will show it off as if they are lying about these injuries as a consequence of a car accident. If this does not work, insurance companies may use some other ways to get away with a person’s injury claim. For instance, they may argue that the compensation must not be paid, particularly for medical bills as the client has already refused to get the treatment and since there are no economic damages caused by the car accident.

Luckily, if you refuse to take medical treatment on an initial level for example, at the scene of the accident, you can still be cured on your medical claim by seeking medical assistance as early as possible. This in turn will help develop the connection between your injuries and the car accident which will ultimately help in strengthening compensation for your Nevada car accident claim.

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