Lane Splitting in Las Vegas, NV; Is it Legal?

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Abiding by the traffic rules is necessary for the safety of motorcycle riders. Laws for motorcycle riders variate from state to state. For instance, in Nevada, it is obligatory to wear a helmet. Lane Splitting in Las Vegas, NV becomes a serious threat for motorcycle riders.

The question arises whether lane splitting is legal in the state or not. Lane splitting refers to driving a motorcycle in two lanes and splitting the original traffic lanes. Lane splitting to create more personal space becomes threatening as it can lead to serious motorcycle accidents. It is a peril to drive in between two lanes as the traffic directed from both the lanes get disrupted leading to severe outcomes.

Usually, it has been observed that motorcycle riders tend to create their way during traffic jam situations. They easily maneuver the vehicle and head out from the traffic. The motorcycle riders split their lanes and look for a way out of the traffic as a motorcycle is a much smaller vehicle than cars that easily fit in small spaces. This could allow you to save time but it can have dangerous fallouts. For instance, a motorcycle crash resulted from the sudden door opening of a car.

Primarily it is not safe to practice lane splitting. Each year thousands of people lose their precious lives to motorcycle accidents. According to one such estimation, in the USA 4,985 people lost their lives in motorcycle accidents in 2018. These statistics further elaborate on the significance of safe riding practices. Despite the ease of driving freely in a split lane, likely, a large vehicle will not see the presence of a motorcycle and eventually sideswipe the motorcycle, causing a dangerous accident.

Legality & Consequences of Lane Splitting in Las Vegas, NV:

Lane Splitting in Las Vegas, NV under the law of the state is not legal. The act is legal in some European and Asian countries. However, due to the possible dangerous outcomes, it has been considered illegal in Nevada. Motorcyclists in Nevada are not allowed to slip through lanes in heavy traffic. The law enables motorcycle riders to stay at their position in a traffic jam and move with the traffic instead of splitting lanes in an attempt to reach the destination faster.

In Nevada, two motorcycles can share one lane. The prohibition on lane splitting protects the rights of motorcycle riders by preventing another vehicle from entering their lane. Most importantly the safety of motorcycle riders is vital.

Lane splitting leads to serious consequences if you get caught. The police impose a fine on the act of lane splitting. Fine starts with $190 and can be higher depending upon other offenses. Eventually, a person can lose a vehicle license if the same action is repeated. Nevada State protects motorcycle accidents from fatal injuries by implementing a prohibition on lane splitting.

Since this event is illegal in Nevada, any accident caused by a driver indulged in the act of lane splitting will be held responsible for the accident. The liability of the accident may include medical expenses, property expenses, and fines.

In case a motorcycle rider pulls off lane splitting. And the car driver does not see the motorcycle due to a blind spot, the whole situation can turn upside down within seconds causing a deadly accident. Similarly, if a car driver splits lanes due to certain distractions or merely finding free space to run past another vehicle and causes an accident, the driver is held responsible for the accident.

Few situations are more complex. In case the driver of a car or motorcycle is involved in a more serious offense than lane splitting, or intentionally striking the vehicle that is splitting lane, then the responsibility of the accident is either divided or completely shifted.

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Lane Splitting in Las Vegas, NV can leave devastating consequences for the people involved. It is not just the act of driving in two lanes but the outcomes can be much more serious. The severity of injuries resulting from accidents highly depends upon the impact.

Experienced lawyers bring more clarity to such cases. The support and guidance from a personal injury lawyer can help to determine who is responsible and liable for the accident.

Lane splitting is illegal yet practiced by many drivers across the country. If you or your loved one experiences any such incident immediately get in touch with our team. Years of experience and knowledge help us in attaining maximum claim for you.