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Las Vegas is full of people who are new to driving in the area. But this doesn’t seem to make them any more aware of their surroundings. Instead, drivers will drive under the influence or drive erratically. This causes a dangerous scenario for motorcycle accidents. If you are in a motorcycle accident, you need a Las Vegas car accident lawyer to help you through the legal process. They can help you learn about your options.

Motorcycle Accidents

The most common motorcycle accidents are unsafe lane changes. When a driver doesn’t check their blind spot, they are a major risk to anyone on a bike. Other drivers changing lanes is dangerous for motorcyclists. In Las Vegas, NV drivers often change lanes in a rush, without looking.

Sudden stops are also a primary source of motorcycle accidents. A Las Vegas car accident lawyer knows that sudden stops are different for bike riders than other people in cars. A motorcyclist is 5 times more likely to experience harm in a wreck.

Too often drivers believe that bikes can move faster and will respond to changes. But, a bike rider has the same reflex speed as other drivers. They aren’t able to stop on a dime or swerve without putting others at risk as well. Contact a motorcycle accident attorney when you are in a wreck on your bike.

More than Money

There are probably people who sue for money. But, motorcycle accident attorneys understand that harm and damage are worse than a standard wreck. A car crash with 2 standard cars or trucks don’t often result in severe harm or death. These are the worst-case scenarios.

But, wrecks involving motorcycles often result in harm or death. Working with a Las Vegas car accident lawyer will help you recover return for your distress.

Many people who are in a wreck on a motorcycle cannot return to work right away. In fact, most motorcycle wreck deaths or injuries occur when people are going to or coming from work.

Harm from accidents can cause someone to struggle with finances. Bills for medical care and physical therapy add up quickly. You need the help of a Las Vegas car accident attorney to recover lost wages and to cover your bills.

You need a lawyer that can explain the legal process. A lawyer will tell that you need evidence to prove fault. You also need to keep a strict record of your medical bills. Consult with your HR office to track the hours you lost because you were not able to work.

You Are Not Alone

In 2014, motorcycle accidents resulted in 14% of all deaths from car wrecks. Nevada has helmet laws in place. These laws help deter people from riding without a helmet. Helmets are proven to increase safety in riding. They are critical in accidents. In 2015, 88,000 people reported harm from a wreck when riding. Most of these riders were wearing safety gear.

But, even with this helmet law in place, many NV riders experience severe back, neck and head damage. These injuries are common in motorcycle accidents. Working with a Las Vegas, NV car accident attorney will show you took steps to ensure your safety.

Many people discount the emotional aspect of a wreck. While many drivers will get in a traffic wreck in their lives, few are as traumatic as a motorcycle crash. These crashes can shatter a person’s ability to get from one place to another. Bike riders often prefer to use their motorcycle. But, after a crash they may feel the need to change their vehicle.

On top of the medical bills, they often must purchase another vehicle or bike. Anyone in a wreck where they are flung from a bike will hesitate to get back on one.

Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer

You may see a bit of compensation to help with the financial struggle after a wreck. Get with a Las Vegas car accident lawyer to make the most out of your case. A lawyer will help you track your bills.

They should also help you build your case. With evidence, and good record keeping you can ease some of the burdens from your wreck. Go online or call now to get a free case review. Christian Morris Trial Attorneys helps motorcycle drivers with their cases.

Don’t let a car wreck keep you down. With a few photos, police report, and medical exam you can prove that you were not at fault. They can show that you took the proper safety steps. Using safety laws is the best way to prevent bike crashes.