Proving Fault in a Vegas Car Accident – [[Cannibalization]]

Any Las Vegas car accident will rely on a fault claim. A car wreck leaves people in the dark. What do you do to prove fault in a Las Vegas car wreck? Las Vegas is a known for bad drivers. When you are the victim of another driver’s lack of care, contact a Las Vegas car accident lawyer.

Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney

A Las Vegas car accident attorney will help you show that you are not at fault. They will also look for evidence that shows the driver was careless. Like many other states, NV relies on “at-fault” laws.

Many insurance companies use these to work with their clients. Drivers also understand the at-fault laws. If you were the one to violate a traffic law, you are most likely at fault. Common at-fault situations include following too closely. Or, pulling onto a busy street without checking for traffic first.

At-fault depends on the situation, and it is not always clear who is responsible. A car accident attorney can help you realize who was at-fault in your car accident in Las Vegas, NV.

Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer

When you are in a car accident, you want the whole process to be over as soon as possible. But, without a Las Vegas car accident lawyer, resolving a car wreck can take months. Contact a car wreck lawyer in NV.

Proving the other driver was at fault for the wreck is not always easy. The most common ways to prove fault now include requesting text records. A driver’s cell phone history can show if they were using their phone while driving.

Another way to prove fault is with witness statements. During any wreck, many people pull over. You should take down the contact info for these witnesses. They may help you with reports on how the accident took place. A witness may have details such as who was changing lanes first, or who had their turn signal flashing.

Aside from witnesses and text records, you can prove your knowledge of the traffic rules. Most wrecks don’t require help from the police. But, if you see that the other driver will likely take you to court, call and file a police report. A report will show your attempt to record the wreck. At the time of the crash, you should take as many pictures as possible.

Investigations and Reports

A crash report is useful but, only contains the cop’s opinion. The cop looking into your crash will report the possibility of an at-fault driver. An insurance company does not have to agree with the cop. But, the cop’s report is usually the deciding factor when it’s not clear who is at fault.

Your car insurance company will also make a decision. They will use the same evidence that the cop used in their report. But, their interest is in your side of the story. An insurance company may show that you were only partially at fault. Partial fault is the term for when you did not cause the accident but did not follow traffic law.

The other driver may try to use a Las Vegas car accident attorney to show that you are at fault. These drivers will try to show that you not signaling in time, or changing lanes was a traffic violation. Insurance companies and the cops know that there is usually more to the wreck than a simple traffic violation.

Court Factors

A car wreck attorney in Las Vegas, NV may have you take the issue of fault to court. A formal legal proceeding will let you show your proof. The other driver will have their chance to talk in front of the jury as well. This jury will hear all of the evidence and then make a decision.

This type of jury does not decide whether you broke a traffic law or not. Many car wreck lawyers prefer these proceedings when it is unclear who was at fault. They can help you show the other driver was at fault when an insurance company or cop is unsure.

Call a Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer

A Las Vegas car accident attorney will help you prove the other driver is at fault. Any car wreck scene has evidence. With the help of a lawyer, you can use evidence to show fault. Witness statements, skid marks, and photos are great evidence. Call the law offices of Christian Morris Trial Attorneys in NV now for help on your case.