Las Vegas Police Looking for Suspect in a Garage Shooting Incident

Las Vegas Police

In a tragic incident, a man was shot in his garage in the 4500 block of Sonoma Sunset Court. The scene of the incident was near Jones Boulevard and Craig Road. The shooting incident happened at 2.45 a.m. Las Vegas Police are investigating the incident that occurred early morning on Wednesday.  Lt. Ray Spencer said the investigation is still underway.

According to the reports, Las Vegas Police were called to a home where a man was shot inside his garage. Unfortunately, the man was not able to sustain his injuries and was pronounced dead on the scene of the incident. Police further added that he was a white man in his late 20’s. It has been revealed that many people were visiting the house at the time of the shooting. A clash occurred in the garage that led to a shooting incident. A suspect pulled out a gun and fired several rounds killing the victim.

Spencer further added that the occupant of the house was the victim of this incident. The identity of the deceased man will be revealed by the Clark County Coroner’s Office after informing the next of kin. The information regarding the suspect is very limited, police are still looking for more information and encouraging people to inform the police either by calling LVMPD or CrimeStoppers.

The people at the scene could not recognize but they saw a man and woman fleeing from the scene. According to the report, the victim and suspect knew each other for a brief period.

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