Liability for Dog Bites in Las Vegas If Your Pet Was With a Dog Sitter

dog bite in las vegas

We all love to have pets in our homes, but taking care of them is a tough job. From looking after their health to managing their food and activities, pet owners need to do everything. Moreover, pet owners need to keep their dogs in control to protect others from harm. Individuals with dogs need to pay extra attention to their pet’s actions. If their dog gets out of control, it can hurt people around them.

Victims of dog bites in Las Vegas are eligible to file lawsuits against the owner. Anyone who sustains injuries due to a dog bite can appeal in court for compensation. Even if the dog owner wasn’t present at the scene or the pet was in the hands of a sitter, a victim can file a personal injury claim. However, in the case of a sitter, there is some gray area. The affected individual needs to act quickly, as they have a limited time frame.

Every year in the United States, nearly 4.5 million dog bite cases are registered. From children to adults, anyone can fall prey to a dog attack. People sustain multiple injuries which require stitches and even surgeries. Sometimes, the damage is so deep that one gets permanent scars.

Treatment options for dog bites are not cheap, and options involving plastic surgeries require much more money. Thus, the state has laws to protect the rights of every individual. Owners of pets causing physical harm to others will be held accountable, and even if they are not present at the scene, they will bear partial blame.

Who Will Be Blamed for a Dog Bite in Las Vegas in the Presence of a Sitter?

Cases of dog bites in Las Vegas vary from situation to situation. There are many factors to consider when deciding on who to blame, but most of the time, owners are held responsible. Sitters can be blamed partially only if they showed negligence or didn’t handle an aggressive dog properly.

For example, a sitter who left the dog alone or took a dangerous dog to a public gathering without the owner’s consent is more liable. Similarly, if a dog caretaker doesn’t grip the harness tightly, resulting in the dog attacking another person, they will bear a significant portion of the blame. For underage sitters, their parents or guardians will absorb liability and pay for damages of the affected person.

On the other hand, owners bear the blame in the following conditions:

  • The dog has had a history of biting people, but the owner did nothing
  • The owner did not put a leash on their dog
  • The owner showed negligence

If any one of these situations is met, the owner will need to provide compensatory damages to the victim.

Do Pet Sitting Services Pay for Damages?

Popular pet sitting companies have different rules. Pet sitting service providers like Rover protect pets, owners, and sitters to a certain extent but have certain limitations as well. These limits include the following points:

  • Injuries to dog sitters and groomers are not covered
  • Any injuries sustained by family members of the dog are not the problem of the company
  • Any property damage caused by the animal gets no compensation

Rules and regulations for various companies differ. Individuals should contact good lawyers to get complete information on laws regarding dog bites. Victims have a small time frame, so they need to act quickly.

What Is the Compensation Offered to Victims of Dog Bites?

Dog bites result in serious injuries. In certain situations, it can even lead to deaths. Therefore, victims receive compensation for their physical and emotional loss. From medical bills to lost wages, pain, and suffering, one can make claims for multiple things. Family members of the dead can claim wrongful death damages from the pet’s family. Owners of vicious dogs might face jail time along with heavy fines if they continue to keep such animals with them.

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