Who Is Liable for Auto Accidents in Nevada Due to Low Visibility?

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If auto accidents in Nevada take place as a result of low visibility, the driver might rush and attempt to shift the blame away from their careless driving. It is likely that they will blame the poor weather conditions or smog, but unfortunately, doing so will make pursuing compensations for the damages more difficult.

In order to recover medical expenses, lost wages, and other miscellaneous damages, contact the lawyers at our firm to smoothly file a successful claim against the party at fault.

According to NHTSA, there are 300 deaths per annum in Nevada which accounts for about 0.9% of the total annual deaths in the United States.  Nevada recorded the third-highest number of such incidents in 2018.

Factors Affecting the Visibility of a Driver:

A large number of manmade and natural factors could be held responsible for impaired visibility on the roads. Sudden climate changes such as heavy fog or rainfall could be a severe problem during some specific months of the year. However, heavy snowfall, wildfire smoke, and dust storms are a few other examples of conditions that decrease visibility.

Low visibility can also be caused by a few man-made conditions in some areas. Following are some of the reasons behind roadblocks:

  • Failure to keep a construction zone under control
  • Leaving trees or hedges that are leaning onto roadways untrimmed
  • Failure to keep structures out of the flow of traffic

Drivers Will Always Owe a Duty of Care to Others:

It is the prime responsibility of the drivers to maintain their duty of care to others in spite of the road conditions. A person’s duty of care implies that keeping in view the circumstances, they must make reasonable efforts to avoid causing injuries to others. To put it simply, if the visibility is blocked by an object or if it is poor due to damp weather conditions, drivers must take extra care and reasonable precautions to avoid a mishap. When the visibility is low, drivers who drive poorly can be held accountable for the damages.

If there is a situation in which a driver has not turned on their headlights due to any reason, and you have mistakenly crashed into their vehicle, you might be surprised to know that they are going to be liable for all the damages caused.

Who Else May Be Liable for the Damages in Auto Accidents in Nevada?

Other people who are not directly involved in the auto accidents in Nevada could also be held responsible for the incident that took place because of poor visibility. For example, a construction company that fails to effectively maintain its work zone or does not have adequate staff to look after the safe movement of the traffic is answerable for the damages caused by the incident.

Furthermore, if trees and barriers were blocking the traffic signals and casting a shadow over the view, the government officials and homeowners are equally responsible for the overall loss caused by the impact. However, holding someone accountable for not trimming the trees and bushes could be more complex. In such conditions, consulting an experienced lawyer is the best option.

Tips for Safe Driving in Low Visibility:

When the condition of the road is substandard, it is better to take all the safety measures to ensure that your car is visible to other drivers on the road. These precautionary measures include using and giving signals while making turns or changing lanes and most importantly, turning on the headlights in a low light situation to prevent any sort of trouble. If there is an emergency and you have to pull over due to any reason, never forget to turn on the hazard lights so that you can be seen by other drivers on the road.

Moreover, do not forget to keep an eye on your speed because when visibility is poor, you may have less reaction time to dodge any moving or stationary object that crosses your way while on the road. Maintaining a reasonable distance from other vehicles on the road can grant you more time to avoid any mishap.

Call an Experienced Lawyer Today:

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