List of Common Personal Injuries in Henderson, NV

List of Common Personal Injuries in Henderson, NV

Personal injuries are looming around every corner, in every public building, and even in your own home. But what can you do about these injuries? Knowing about the risk of injuries can help you to become more cautious and aware of your surroundings. Most personal injuries are the result of another person’s carelessness, but by increasing your own level of care, you may be able to take more control in these seemingly uncontrollable circumstances.

Each of these common personal injuries is one that our Henderson injury attorneys have seen and dealt with before. That doesn’t mean that your injury isn’t unique, it simply means that reasonably, falling or tripping or getting into car accidents will likely lead to similar damage.

Neck and Spine Injuries

Neck and spine injuries often refer to damage done directly to the vertebra. The vertebrae or the discs in between them are easily damaged, and that damage can lead to lifelong pain. In fact, chronic pain syndrome is often rooted in a prior neck or spine injury.

Because of how our bodies are constructed and the dangers that we face in daily life, neck and spine injuries are very common. One bad trip or a slip can result in us attempting to catch ourselves and suffering a spinal injury. Additionally, a little too much jolting or force in a car accident can result in whiplash or even disc damage.

Soft-Tissue Damage

Soft tissue damage is among the most common complaints after a car crash. This includes not only whiplash but also shoulder strain from the pullback of the seatbelt and even from tensing if you braced for impact.

Soft tissue damage is often brushed off- when insurance comes into play because doctors will usually recommend rest. That means that insurance companies take this as something that doesn’t require medical care. However, that isn’t at all the case. Medical treatment and care may be required, but there may be nothing that a doctor can do in the way of surgery to help a muscle or tissue repair itself more quickly.

Brain Injuries

Most falls don’t directly cause injuries, but one in five falls will lead to a serious injury, such as a head injury. Often the people who fall in a situation like this won’t be able to recover quickly because head injuries often lead to brain injuries as well. The two come together, hand in hand.

Wrist and Hand Injuries

Pools are among the biggest hazards in our backyards and communities, and they often lead to slipping and falling. Included in that risk are wrist and hand injuries. While it may seem like everything is completely carefree around the pool, the moment you start to lunge forward, you put your hands out in front of you. That’s good news because you possibly just saved yourself from a head injury or traumatic brain injury.

But, wrist and hand injuries can keep adults out of work for a long period of time while they recover. Additionally, these injuries can set back children’s progress in school.

Knee and Joint Damage

Knee and joint damage should be taken very seriously because it may take years for the victim to recover. These injuries are common among collisions with larger vehicles such as semi-trucks, as well as slip and fall situations. Landing too hard on a knee, blunt force trauma, and quickly twisting in a way to prevent a fall can result in severe damage.

These injuries will likely require surgery and months of rehabilitation. The victim may need to undergo vocational rehabilitation if they are unable to continue in their given career.

Should You Reach Out to a Henderson Lawyer for Car Accidents?

Yes, you should absolutely talk to an attorney. Talking to an attorney doesn’t guarantee that you’re signing on for legal help, but a consultation can give you a lot more information about your claim than you might have come across otherwise. In fact, it could be helpful to schedule a consultation to find out if you even have a case. If you have a case, an attorney can help you through the process of filing a claim.

At Christian Morris Trial Attorneys, our attorneys are willing and ready to help you explore the injuries that you experienced. From car accidents to accidental tripping, the matter is always one of fault, and if someone owed you a certain level of care, then you should move forward with a claim. Contact Christian Morris Trial Attorneys now.