Should You Get a Medical Lien?

Henderson Personal Injury Case

What is a medical lien? Many people aren’t familiar with the term until they absolutely need one. In a personal injury case, medical liens can help people recover from any variety of injuries that were at the hands or fault of someone else. The result is often that people are overloaded in debt for their medical care that really someone else should have paid for or handled.

When talking in terms of medical treatment for car accident victims, its vital that they have options in handling their bills. Not only are car accident victims looking out for the medical welfare but also thousands or tens of thousands in property damage to manage as well. If you’ve been injured in a wreck and are struggling financially, a car crash attorney in Nevada may be able to help.

What is a Medical Lien?

Getting a medical lien is telling or communicating to all the outstanding medical billing centers that they will get paid when you do. Many people across the nation have outstanding medical bills connected with worker’s compensation, car accidents, bike accidents, slipping in a public place, or even being attacked by a neighbor’s pet. The way that people get hurt often connects to the responsibility of someone else, and the struggle is identifying who should pay.

For example, if you were in a crash where you were stopped at a red light, and someone hit you from behind, that’s not your fault. So why should you have to pay for the injuries that happened during that crash? You shouldn’t. The other driver’s insurance coverage should disperse compensation to you to manage the amount of your medical and property debt from the crash. Following that, you should have access to pay those bills back.

A medical lien intervenes in that process. Instead of going to you and issuing a bill, it will hold all of your bills and then disperse them to your attorney. Your attorney or the law office you’re using will then pay them from your compensation before it gives you the remaining funds.

Who Can Get A Medical Lien

Anyone with an open insurance claim or pending personal injury case can file for a medical lien. What happens with a medical lien is that you’re shifting the responsibility from paying it yourself to the party that owes you funds or that you’re trying to get funds from for their actions.

Without an open claim or case, you cannot file for a medical lien. The purpose of a medical lien is to show that the medical billing department that you’re unable to pay or that you’re not obligated to pay because someone else was entirely responsible for the injuries. Then you’re proving with your open claim or case that you’re attempting to pursue compensation from that third-party for your injuries.

Can It Stop Collectors from Calling?

A medical lien should stop all collection processes from attempting to collect but only in relation to your medical debt. You may also need to allow for a stretch of time for the billing centers to know that you have a lien. Your attorneys will handle this process. All you need to do is inform them that you’re getting attention from billing centers or collections companies for your medical debt.

They should then intervene and acknowledge to those companies that you have a lien in place and that they cannot collect while your claim is still open.

Should You Get a Medical Lien or Just Pay It?

Now, if you have pretty good health insurance and that covered nearly all of your bills because you were lucky enough to go to a hospital that accepts your medical provider, then great. But that’s usually not the case, and typically you don’t want to pay on these bills anyway because they’re not your fault.

Paying your medical bills shouldn’t interfere with your personal injury case. Just because you can pay them doesn’t make them your responsibility, but often victims of a car accident or dog bite injury just can’t afford those hefty medical bills.

Talk to a Henderson Car Accident Attorney about Your Personal Injury Case

In Henderson, there are a number of roundabouts, sketchy intersections, and high-speed freeways. The result is a high number of car accidents, and each of those can lead to substantial injury. After an injury, you’ll need to get medical care, and that costs money. You can’t afford not to go through the treatment, but many people feel that they simply can’t afford to pay for treatment.

When working with our Henderson, NV car wreck injury law firm, you’ll have access to these types of resources. Schedule your consultation with Christian Morris Trial Attorneys and start arranging for a way to get medical billing departments off your back.