The Importance of Medical Treatment After a Car Accident in Las Vegas

Nevada car crash

Being a highly populated city, Las Vegas has a higher rate of car accidents. These accidents can be really brutal, and choosing not to opt for medical treatment can put you in a compromising position. So, it is essential to know what you need to do if you get involved in a car accident in Las Vegas and why you need to do it.

Reasons to Seek Medical Help:

The first and foremost thing that a person involved in the accident should do is seek medical help. There are two reasons to do so; one of which is pretty simple. However, the other one might be a bit complicated but holds importance. And people tend to forget it.

1. Health & Safety:

Las Vegas has had 284 fatalities reported in 2019 alone, according to the data collected by the Office of Traffic Safety. The primary reason to seek medical treatment is that you might have an injury that isn’t as apparent as others (such as Whiplash) but could be causing more damage than you can think. However, you would never get to know how serious your injuries are until you actually visit a doctor. So, seeking medical treatment would help you discover that injury before it becomes lethal and get it treated while you can.

Some of the most common injuries during a car accident include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Burns
  • Muscle and ligament injuries
  • Lacerations
  • Joint damage
  • Bruises
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Headaches

2. Documentation:

The second reason to seek medical treatment after a car accident in Las Vegas is that you would need to have proper documentation of the incident if you are asked to prove it at any point. For instance, if you want to appeal against insurance denial, you would be required to submit a medical report. If you didn’t get medical treatment, no hospital would have a medical history of your car accident and would leave a lacking of your evidence.

Another instance could be that you want to file a lawsuit for your accident, for which you will be asked to submit a medical report as well. However, failing to do that would make it difficult for the attorney to prove your case.

Hiring an Experienced Car Accident Attorney:

If you get into a car accident in Las Vegas, you would want to get as much help as you can because you never know how bad it can get. Also, once you receive medical treatment and get recover, you might want some compensation for the injuries and damage.

However, you cannot do that yourself. Hence, to prove your case, you would need to hire an experienced car accident attorney. The case could be as simple as getting your insurance, or as complicated as taking legal action against other parties involved in compensating for your damage. Having an experienced lawyer by your side would be the safest way to take it forward.

Types of Medical Treatment:

Remember that the reason you have hired an attorney to represent you in your case is to recover the full cost of your treatment. Insurance companies usually want to get settled with as little money as possible. But what you want to make sure is that all of your current and future costs of treatments are compensated with the recovered amount. For that, you need to track the types of medical treatment you are getting and will get in the future following the car accident.

Your medical treatment may include:

  • Emergency medical treatment – lifesaving medicine, ambulance services, and emergency department treatment
  • Laboratory tests
  • Radiological images
  • Control of bleeding
  • Support for soft tissue injuries
  • Stabilization of broken bones
  • Protection of the spine or head during recovery

Types of Medical Documentation:

Now that you have the list of treatments to fix the injuries caused by the accident, you need to know what medical documentation you would need to prove the injuries and treatment.

The medical documents for a car accident in Las Vegas may include:

  • Pictures
  • X-rays
  • Intake notes
  • CT scan
  • MRI
  • Physical therapy notes
  • Prescriptions
  • Nurses’ notes
  • Care plan
  • Surgical notes

Hiring an Attorney for Car Accident in Las Vegas:

If you happen to have a car accident in Las Vegas, you would have a period of two years to file a lawsuit against someone. However, it is advisable to seek a car accident attorney as soon as possible so he/she can get the process started. You can hire one of our attorneys to guide you through your case and provide you with the help you need. To get your dispute resolved, contact us today!