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If you or a loved one has been injured in Moapa, NV, you might qualify for substantial financial recovery. The money recovered can go a long way towards paying medical bills, missed workdays, and other losses you may have suffered due to the accident. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people that are injured don’t know that they are eligible for this money or they accept payments from insurers that are far too small. You shouldn’t leave yourself on the hook for an injury that was not your fault. Instead, you need to contact a good personal injury lawyer in Moapa.


Christian Morris Trial Attorneys has the experience to help. We have been helping injury victims and winning cases for many years. During that period, we have managed to rise from a small local law firm a highly respected personal injury firm in Nevada and work exclusively for people that have been injured because of somebody else’s fault.


Call us today and receive a free consultation when you will have the opportunity to ask questions, get answers to your questions, and understand the legal options available to you. Call Christian Morris Trial Attorneys today at 702-434-8282 and get your free consultation.

What Do I Need To Do After An Injury In Moapa?

We always recommend being your own best advocate. However, you should take a few basic steps to assert and protect your legal rights, right from the start. Here are some of the simplest things that you can do:

Document The Injury

Take time soon after the injury to write down exactly what happened. Ensure that you don’t leave out any detail, including the time, date, and names of all parties involved. Whenever possible, take pictures of where you were injured – whether it is the scene of a car accident and the damaged vehicles or returning to a venue where you had your slip and fall injury.

Watch The Statements You Make

All too often we come across injured persons that downplay how serious their injuries actually are or even taking the blame for them. It is a natural instinct that everyone has to try to smooth over a difficult situation. However, the insurance company can use the statements you make against you. Avoid apologizing for something that was not your fault and never claims to be fine unless a doctor says so.

Never Sign Anything From The Insurance Company Before Talking To A Lawyer

Insurance companies are experts when it comes to underpaying you, which is why they like it if you sign away your rights. Insurance companies often make a quick cash offer immediately after the injury before you are even fully aware of how serious the situation is. The insurance company can also delay processing your claim continuously until you are in dire need of money.


In both cases, the goal is to get you to accept far less than you actually need. You should not fall for this. Set aside any paperwork or checks they send you and never give them a recorded statement.

Talk To A Lawyer

Personal injury law is incredibly complex. It can be hard to know what to do or even how much your claim might truly be worth on your own. It is why we have made legal assistance easily accessible. A free 1-hour consultation could be all that’s needed for you to decide on a suitable course of action.

Just about any injury potentially qualifies. The key to personal injury claims is not how you were hurt, but whether it was due to somebody else’s fault. Negligence, in the law, refers to the issue of somebody else being careless and that it was the carelessness that caused the injury.


Examples of negligence include:


  • A spill in a store that isn’t cleaned up
  • A dark stairwell where lightbulbs weren’t replaced
  • A driver changing lanes without first signaling

Keep in mind that nobody wanted to hurt anybody in all these examples. Everyone involved is probably a good person. However, in all the situations above, somebody did not take basic safety precautions to look out for those around them. They were careless with the safety of others, and if that leads to injury, there’s a valid personal injury claim.

A medical billing statement
Medical bills and other expenses can be recovered. Call us today for a free consultation

What Kinds Of Injuries Qualify For Personal Injury Claims In Moapa?

What Are The Most Common Types Of Personal Injury Cases?

The most common personal injury cases our firm sees in the city of Moapa include:


  • Nursing home injuries
  • Injuries from muggings as well as other attacks
  • Pedestrians being struck by vehicles
  • Car accidents
  • Defective medical devices
  • Pharmacies that give out the wrong dosage or wrong medicine
  • Harmful prescription drugs

Not usually. It usually happens only if the insurance company is not willing to negotiate. We have a lot of experience when it comes to working in the local courts, and we can manage the whole process for you should your claim go to trial.


In the vast majority of cases, however, a trial is usually not necessary. Instead, we negotiate to resolve your claim. We know how to best hammer insurance companies at the bargaining table. We conduct our own investigations of your injuries and back up all our arguments with hard evidence. We then put pressure on insurance companies to settle easily and quickly. This is usually all it takes for you to secure a much higher offer.

Do I Have To Go To Court For My Moapa Personal Injury Claim?

We don’t believe that you have to pay anything to talk to a lawyer. It is due to this reason that we don’t bill you by the hour. Instead, we make you the following:


  • The consultation is completely free
  • You don’t have to pay us anything upfront or out of pocket, ever
  • You owe us nothing if we fail to win you money

Our personal injury lawyers near Moapa, Nevada only get paid if we are able to recover money for you. We simply get a percentage while you get to keep the rest. That way, you can receive professional legal advice at no risk.

What Will It Cost To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer In Moapa?

contingency fee

Is There A Deadline For Filing A Claim In Moapa?

Yes, and it can be tight. Moapa uses the deadlines established in both state and federal law. Some cases have deadlines of up to 2 years, but in most cases, you have just a few weeks from the date of the injury. It is why our personal injury lawyer in Moapa urges all injury victims to see a lawyer without delay.

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Christian Morris Trial Attorneys exists for just one reason: helping people that have been injured. Let our Moapa personal injury lawyers give you a free consultation to discuss your claim as well as the available options. Don’t wait until it is too late. Call us at 702-434-8282 or fill out the contact form provided to get your free consultation today.