Zip Codes With the Most Las Vegas Accidents and Why

Car Accident in Las Vegas

If you or a loved one has been part of a Las Vegas accident, then you know about its complications. Accidents, no matter how small or big they might be, cause a lot of damage. Many people even lose their lives in these unwanted crashes. Motor vehicle crashes are amongst the top reasons for major injuries throughout the world. These collisions occur due to the negligence of drivers on the road. That is why every driver should pay complete attention while handling a car. Sadly, many don’t follow these rules and bits of advice, which harms a lot of individuals. The best thing to do is to avoid such places where the ratio of these incidents is high. You can identify these places where most accidents occur by zip code.

According to statistics, around 3142 lives were lost due to distracted driving in 2019. The drivers were either busy chatting on phone or talking to the other passengers of the vehicle. Their one mistake costs hundreds of people their lives. So, don’t put yourself and others at risk by displaying non-serious behavior. Another way to save yourself from harm is to avoid roads and highways that have a great potential for crashes. Each area in Nevada is given a specific zip code for identification purposes. Some of them are labeled high-risk zones. If you or your family member suffered harm in one of these areas then immediately contact your lawyers.

Zip Codes Where the Largest Number of Las Vegas Accidents Are Registered:

The traffic police department sorts out crash data according to area zip codes. Here are the zip codes for areas that face a larger share of accidents, daily.

  • Downtown Las Vegas – 89101 and 89102:

These two zip codes belong to the downtown Las Vegas area. According to official reports, both these areas have been labeled as highly dangerous. The number of accidents in these areas exceeds normal numbers. A big reason behind this issue is the large volume of traffic that is seen regularly. Downtown streets are packed with vehicles all the time. Due to the excessive rush, a lot of drivers commit mistakes leading to deadly accidents. If you happen to cross these areas, be on high alert.

  • Vegas Strip – 89109:

This zip code belongs to the Vegas strip, which is a dangerous area. The Las Vegas strip witnesses a high number of collisions all year. Amongst these accidents, hit and run cases are more common. Pedestrian collisions can result in serious injuries or even deaths. So, when crossing paths with the Vegas strip, take extra precautions. Whether you are traveling in a car or walking down the road, be extra careful of your surroundings.

  • Spring Valley – 89146:

The zip code 89146 covers the Spring Valley and the main areas of Las Vegas. It is home to one of the most dangerous intersections, the W Oakey Blvd & S Jones Blvd. This intersection makes the place a potentially high-risk area for car accidents. Highways and such intersections have speeding vehicles that result in deadly collisions.

  • North Las Vegas – 89030:

Amongst the list of dangerous zip codes, one cannot forget 89030. It is the zip code for North Las Vegas. The area where a great number of accidents take place almost daily. Even motorists are not safe in this area. They are currently paying the highest insurance rates in the area. Since the population of the area is huge, the number of vehicles and crashes is also higher.

Other than these zip codes, accidents happen in other places as well. However, the number is lower than in these risky areas. Having information on such areas helps people avoid these places and keeps people safe from harm. If in the future you or your close relative visits these areas then be extra careful. Get in touch with an experienced attorney right after a Las Vegas accident.

What to Do Right After a Crash:

Las Vegas accidents are becoming common with each passing day. From accidents on intersections to collisions in front of your house, there are multiple places where you can be harmed. If such an event occurs in your life, immediately do the following things:

  • Stop the vehicle and exchange contact information with the other party that is involved
  • Get medical attention to gain medical proof of your injury
  • Call a lawyer for help
  • Gather any possible evidence
  • Notify the insurance company

Contacting the Best Lawyers in Town:

Contact our lawyers if you have faced a Las Vegas accident. We provide consultation and help you win a considerable compensation amount. With years of experience, our professionals can handle your cases with great ease. All you need to do is contact us today and discuss your case with our attorneys.