Nevada Car Crash Case: a Lawyer’s Ethical Obligations

nevada car crash case

A lawyer’s primary role during an accident is to ensure that you receive compensation for damages while ensuring no legal issues arise. However, did you know that your lawyer also has certain ethical responsibilities? In the sections below, we discuss some of the most important ethical obligations that Nevada personal injury attorneys owe you if you decide to work with them in the course of your Nevada car crash case.

In Las Vegas, car accidents result in approximately 1,460 serious injuries every year, according to data derived from the Office of Traffic Safety.

Be Honest:

You should always expect your lawyer to be honest when communicating with insurance companies and the court if a lawsuit is filed, as well as when communicating with you. An attorney’s honesty with the client builds trust. If he or she does not try to be honest with you, you will not feel as comfortable saying things that can make a difference in your Nevada car crash case.

As an accident victim, it is in your best interest to find a lawyer who tells you what you want to hear, not just what you want to hear. Honesty helps set realistic expectations for you and provides a sense of security.

Be Skillful:

In other words, you want a lawyer who has experience handling cases like yours. Accountability inculcates your attorney has a moral obligation to handle cases that they are competent enough to handle. Besides making sure the company has the resources to build a compelling Nevada car crash case for you, it is crucial you understand that expertise does not guarantee payment.

Client’s Confidentiality:

In order to meet the requirements of the law, a lawyer must keep case details and communications with clients confidential, and the lawyer cannot discuss the case with any party unrelated to the case. The law firm should keep this information private and should not discuss your case with anyone outside of their law firm while you are working on it.

As a client, you are entitled to solicitor-client privilege in any communication between you and your solicitor. Therefore, it is not only immoral but illegal to discuss the case with others. Clients who feel comfortable with their lawyer sharing information are more likely to share it honestly. If they are uncertain that the lawyer will keep their information safe, they will not share it.

Acting in Your Best Interest After a Nevada Car Crash Case:

As your lawyers, they are morally liable to work for your best interests. This means they should give you legal advice that is tailored to your needs and ensure you get the compensation you deserve. The fact remains that the lawyer must obey the law even as they act in the best interests of their client. Therefore, lying on behalf of a client would be contrary to the law as well as the ethics of the profession.

In an ethical sense, a lawyer should never encourage a client to accept a settlement offer simply because they want funds for the business. Instead, a lawyer should fight for the highest compensation possible for the client. The best solution is to accept the settlement, even if that means taking the case to court and risking a negative jury verdict. Sometimes it would be better to settle because it would be harder to prove liability in court.

Is It Possible To Waive Duty Of Care?

There are multiple circumstances in which the court may declare an individual’s duty of care void.

  • An assumption of risk occurs when a party assumes that an injury could occur, such as when participating in contact sports, and therefore the duty to care is removed.
  • In the event that the claimant signs a waiver of liability provided by the defendant, they assume all of the defendant’s liability for the injury.
  • Injuries that result from breaking the law can void a duty of care to the injured party.
  • When drivers swerve to avoid children who run into the street and cause an accident, this is not the same as driving negligently

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