Nevada Personal Injury Case: Accident At The Gym

Nevada personal injury case

Dealing with a Nevada personal injury case becomes overwhelming as several factors are involved in such cases. People choose gym exercises to get in shape and remain healthy. However, many people experience serious injuries at gyms. You can easily come in contact with dangerous equipment, slippery surfaces, or bacteria-laden mats leading to injuries. In gyms people are running, operating machines, lifting weights, and moving recklessly. Anyone can get injuries at a gym. In 2020, the injury count from exercise and exercise equipment-related injuries was around 377,939.

Injuries are bound to happen in such situations and when they do, people suffer pain. Thousands of people get treated at hospitals for injuries resulting from exercise, recreational activities, and sports. Treadmills are the leading cause of injuries in gyms. Other equipment used improperly can cause life-threatening injuries as well. As the vaccination rate is going up, more gyms are reopening after the surge of COVID-19. Moreover, New Year calls for new resolutions and more customers reaching to gyms than ever.

If you are planning to go to a gym and lose some weight, know more about what happens if you suffer an injury at the gym. Speaking to an expert personal injury attorney can help you in receiving compensation for your loss. Knowing about your legal rights can help you in putting forward the right claim.

Types of Gym Accidents & a Nevada Personal Injury Case:

A Nevada personal injury case requires an experienced attorney to fight for your rights on your behalf. You expect the gym to provide you with a safe, clean, well-maintained, and secure environment where you can enjoy your exercises. This stands true for the majority of the time. However, some gym owners fail to properly maintain the equipment which leads to serious injuries and major accidents in gyms.

If you suffer an injury at a gym due to the negligence of the gym staff or owner, you can put a potential legal claim against the gym’s insurance provider and their management.

You can suffer several accidents at a gym, including the following:

  • Trip and fall accidents inside or outside the gym premises, including in restrooms
  • Falling off exercise equipment such as treadmills, ellipticals, cycling equipment, leg equipment
  • Weight equipment failure resulting in heavy a weight falling on someone

Responsibilities of Gym Owners:

The gym owners have certain duties towards their members and guests. They have a strong duty of care that they need to maintain at all times. These responsibilities include the following:

  • When common areas are not clear, gym owners are required to warn members and guests and clean the area as soon as possible
  • Cleaning the gym equipment regularly
  • Make sure that the security systems are functional at all times
  • Sanitizing and cleaning locker rooms
  • Repairing the damaged equipment promptly
  • Inspecting gym equipment regularly to ensure it is functioning properly
  • Ensuring the surface is clean
  • Notify people when gym equipment is broken or damaged

Common Injuries in the Gym:

When the owner of the gym neglects this duty of care, then any person facing an injury at the gym can file a claim. Breaching the duty of care shows negligence from the gym owner’s side. This can result in serious consequences for the gym members. The injuries can be mild to serious depending on the severity. Common injuries that are frequently reported in gyms include soft tissue muscular contusions, crush injuries, traumatic head injuries, and fractures.

Damages that You Can Recover:

If you suffered an injury at a gym and it was caused due to the gym’s negligence, you can recover the following damages:

  • Lost earning capacity
  • Medical diagnosis and bills for your treatment
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

Hiring an Experienced Attorney for Your Gym-Related Injuries:

The general negligence of ownership and management causes catastrophic consequences for gym members. Often poorly maintained common areas and equipment lead to such incidents. A Nevada personal injury case for your gym-related injuries can ensure maximum compensation for your damages. Although it is appropriate for the gym members to file a lawsuit against the facility and protect their rights, unfortunately, these cases are very challenging.

If you or your loved ones suffered an injury at a gym, speak to our experienced attorney to know about the best legal options according to your case. Our personal injury attorneys have the right skills and knowledge to effectively represent your case in court. We believe in strengthening your case to achieve successful results.