No One Believes I Was Hurt in a Rear-End Collision

No One Believes I Was Hurt in a Rear-End Collision

Rear-end crashes are often the culprit for whiplash and many neck or upper back injuries. Unfortunately, there are so many that happen, and insurance companies are fighting them left and right. What happens is that they immediately believe that a neck, shoulder, or upper back injury is a fraudulent claim.

It’s easy to assess that people don’t believe the injury is real because they’ve, through personal experience or storytelling, heard differently. Many people can get into a low-speed crash, specifically a rear-end collision, without any pain or injury. However, it’s the bigger picture, the obstacle of changing the narrative that people face now.

Whiplash, Doubt, and Fraud

Each year insurance companies do face fraudulent claims. They spend hundreds of thousands, or possibly millions of dollars in investigating, and reporting fraud. These companies pay heavily into analytics, and systems to try and detect the difference between fraud and real claims.

Doubt starts when people report whiplash. What whiplash actually is, is a slang term for a soft tissue injury. A doctor may say that you have whiplash, but they will mark something very different on their charts for future medical reference. As you explain your injury to your insurer, it may be to avoid saying “whiplash.” That term often raises red flags, and could drastically slow down your claims process.

Often people who are seeking to put in a fraudulent claim will often claim whiplash because it basically won’t appear on most diagnostic testing as a soft-tissue injury, doctors have a hard time proving the damage. Whiplash won’t appear on an x-ray or even MRI.

Fighting for Medical Attention

There are times when even medical staff may not believe that you’re in pain. Again because of the trouble with proving the injury, many doctors are also suspicious of whiplash claims. Rear-end collisions often result in injuries that are difficult to detect. In those cases, consider getting a second opinion or talking to your primary physician.

When you have urgent care and emergency room doctors, there are some that are quite jaded. What happens often is that they see people rushing into the ER or urgent care center with the hope of getting a pain medication prescription. Or, they are looking for the confirmation of a whiplash injury, then they often will say that there’s no injury. Your personal doctor, however, may understand that you’re not seeking drugs or a fraudulent insurance claim.

Get Support for Soft Tissue Injuries

Finding support is vital, and a good place to start is with an attorney. Please keep all pleas for support off of social media in any form. Hospital selfies, updates on your injuries, and the struggle of getting the appropriate help can delay or destroy your claim. When you have an injury claim, it’s important to remember that nothing you post online stays private. Even with privacy settings, a company can request that information or subpoena it from the social media platform.

Support from an attorney, however, will take a more analytical approach. We will look at why you were denied a claim, or why a medical team didn’t diagnose the pain and injury.

What Happens When Whiplash Isn’t Treated?

A lot of the time, whiplash treatment is to rest and take it easy. Other times, you need around the clock support and further treatment. However, there’s the often forgotten element of an untreated injury. Whiplash does not just get better. If you continue to go to work, drive, and do everyday chores, you’re aggravating that injury.

When whiplash goes without treatment, you could develop chronic and painful headaches, neck pain, and even vertigo.

Call In For Backup – Getting a Henderson Auto Accident Attorney

Handling a neck injury alone is never a good idea. When your insurance company doesn’t listen to your claim, then you may need to take it to the next level. Find support in the medical community and demand the care you need. Don’t let a doctor brush off the injury as a simple car accident soreness. A soft-tissue injury can become very serious. Additionally, it can be even more serious if a disk or vertebrae injury goes undiagnosed.

Christian Morris Trial Attorneys has seen these cases often. Not only is it unreasonable that a doctor would blow off your pain, but that your insurance company won’t offer help. Finding a doctor and then fighting for support are often parts of fighting for a claim. At Christian Morris Trial Attorneys, our personal injury lawyers provide help and guidance on how to get the medical care you need and the compensation necessary to cover the damages of your wreck.