What to Do When in a Non-Injury Car Accident in Las Vegas?

Car Accident in Las Vegas

Every year Millions of car accidents occur in the United States. It is a very terrible experience for the one who goes through an accident and his or her loved ones too. Being in a car accident in Las Vegas is very traumatic when it involves you. The most important thing is to not lose control in such a situation.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), 285 accidents occurred in Nevada in 2019. Out of which 185 accidents occurred in Las Vegas. Non-injury car accidents can also be very fatal and should be handled with care by everyone who is involved. This can be very traumatic for anyone who goes through it. Just keep yourself calm and follow some steps mentioned below when you get yourself in such a situation.

1. Do a Self-Safety Assessment:

Do a safety assessment immediately after a car accident in Las Vegas? Check the following

  • If you are hurt
  • If you feel any pain
  • If your seat belt has kicked in
  • If other passengers in the car are okay

This will help you in keeping yourself calm after the accident and get you immediate help if required.

2. Move Out of the Way:

After checking up on yourself and other passengers, move to a secluded area and park your car a little far from the road. It will not block the traffic and there will be no mess around.

3. Collect Your Valuables:

When an accident happens, you often lose control of your valuables that are very important to you. It’s advisable that collect all of the things that are important to you from the area of your car accident in Las Vegas and relax. When you have contacted your lawyers, then it’s their utmost responsibility to keep you out of trouble and help you overcome the trauma that you have gone through during the process. You must make sure that you have all the required documents of your vehicle, so you don’t get into the potential hassle of having incomplete documentation as it is a punishable crime according to the traffic laws of Nevada state.

4. Collect the Proof of the Accident:

Before moving out of the car, make sure you have your mobile with you. This will help you in clicking the pictures of the damage if someone has hit your car and you can claim it. Talk to the other driver with a non-aggressive approach. You should focus on accumulating information to as much of an extent as you can. If the driver runs away after hitting you, then call 911 immediately.

After this, click pictures of both vehicles. Make sure you also click pictures of the number plate of the other vehicle too. Click both distant and close-up pictures. These pictures will help you when dealing with the insurance company or traffic officers. Also, try to click some pictures of the scene of the accident from all angles. This helps in identifying the culprit.

5. Find the Witnesses to the Accident:

The most important step is finding witnesses. It is because the other person may not agree with you and claim that it’s your fault. So find witnesses who agree with you.

6. Get a Report for Your Car Accident in Las Vegas:

Try to get a crash report because as informed earlier, all companies may not listen to you without proof. Call the police and listen to what they say that if you should stay there or come to the police station. If the accident happens at a place other than the public road, then the police may not report the accident. In that case, you will have to go to the management desk and ask them to report e.g. in the parking lot of Walmart or other malls. 

Call Our Accident Lawyers Today:

One thing that you should keep in mind is the fact that such car accidents in Las Vegas might get you in legal trouble. The first course of action in cases like this is to call a car accident lawyer and make them understand the situation so they can take charge and handle the case from the very beginning to save you from potential legal action.

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