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Have you been hurt in an accident in North Las Vegas, NV? It’s possible to avoid the cost of unwanted medical bills and other expenses that may be incurred because of it. Medical bills and lost work hours can damage a wallet to an extreme level. It doesn’t matter how the accident occurred if it is not declared your fault. Don’t worry, the law will have and listen to your side. Some do not assume they have the ability to lose the cost associated with the accident until it is way too late. This can lead to a damaged financial situation that is not their fault. They shouldn’t have to pay tens of thousands of dollars for something that is not their fault. If you have suffered a personal injury, contact a personal injury lawyer in North Las Vegas at Christian Morris Trial Attorneys today.


It may be time to take up your claim with the help of Christian Morris Trial Attorneys law firm. They have been working well over two decades This firm supplies some of the most respected lawyers in the North Las Vegas area. They began as a small group of law professionals that gained quite a bit of profession esteem from their clients and colleagues with their ability to provide excellent service. They’ve never failed when it comes to their ability to force insurance companies to pay. You, as with many others, will find them the most dedicated professional team available.


Let them show you how they can help you free of cost. Just call contact them and from the beginning, you will see excellent service. The consultation will be completely free and begin the second you call. Contact us at (702)710-9964.

What Should I Do Following A Personal Injury?

There are two things you must do after an accident that has lead to injury in North Vegas. While it can be hard to muster up the effort after recently being injured, it is well worth it and the team will make it as easy as possible. The injured victim is typically dealing with a lot of physical pain, stress, and worries over their future finances. It is a very common worry to wonder if you will regain your previous state of health to the fullest; however, there are only two steps that must be taken:


It’s a must to contact a well-experienced attorney in the city of North Las Vegas. You can’t substitute anything for a professional and well-trusted opinion and the details of your case. Insurance companies can be extremely manipulative. They will use very artful and persuasive language to get you to forfeit your rights that you are well entitled to. A common practice is to offer quick money to the client because they are likely to need it as they are acquiring expenses right after the injuries from the accident begin. It is a widely practiced manipulation tactic to delay the release of money to their clients to make them desperate for any payout. These companies do not care about your best interests. They care about saving their own money. You should always talk to an attorney before signing anything.

Some injuries that seem like total accidents can require financial compensation from an insurance company. It’s common for the client to blame themselves for the accident and believe they are entitled to no compensation when this couldn’t be farther from the case. It’s possible to fall under the assumption that you weren’t paying enough attention and that’s why it happened. You could believe that accidents happen and there is no one to blame. It’s important to know that laws do not define accidents in this way. Most accidents are preventable in some shape or form. Insurance companies are obligated to compensate the victim whether or not they believed it was an accident.


These cases are usually looked under the eye of the law as negligence rather than the term accident. It is taken to mean that there was some lack of judgment on the person who instigated the accident, which led to injury. It could involve a driver not turning on a signal when they went left, or it could involve a store owner not cleaning up a spill after it happened. The law when it comes to negligence is simple. The victim has a right to recover the cost associated with their injury.

Here Are The Most Common Examples Of Accidents That Lead To Successful Claims:

  • Truck, Bike Or Car Accidents
  • A Pedestrian Hit By A Motorist
  • Someone Sleeping Who Fell
  • An Assault On You Instigated By Another Individual
  • Abuse That Happens In A Nursing Home Setting, Especially If The Abuse Is To An Elder
  • Hurt From A Poorly Constructed Item
  • Harmed By A Prescription Drug That Was Not Properly Prescribed Or Tested
  • Being Given The Wrong Drug At A Health Center Or By A pharmacist
  • Medical Negligence (Malpractice)

This is certainly not a complete list of accidents where you have a right to recovery. In the event of a car accident in North Las Vegas, our experienced car accident lawyers can provide you with the information and legal assistance needed to navigate your claim process. Call our law firm and discuss with us other incidents you have gone through that may require an attorney.

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How Do You Know If You Have A Good Case?

Do You Have To Attend Court?

The majority of personal injury claims are settled outside of a North Las Vegas court. They are usually settled upon at a much higher amount that the insurance company was willing to pay you. This avoids the cost of attorney fees for the insurance company. We will gather as many details about the case as possible. A full investigation is launched. The evidence is presented to an insurance company to show that you are right. They will be convinced that they will lose if they choose to fight this through the legal system.


There are times when insurance companies stand their ground. It is your choice if you would like to continue pursuing justice. If you do, our lawyers will fight through all the courts necessary.


Our Practice Areas

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Vicious Dog Bites And Other Forms Of Animal Aggression That Cause Injury
  • Accidents Caused By Drunk Drivers
  • Collisions
  • Accidental Falls That Involved Something That Made The Person Slip
  • Social Security Claims
  • 18 Wheeler Accidents
  • Uninsured Accidents Caused By Another Driver
  • Workers’ Comp

There will be nothing paid upfront by you. However, we will require a charge if we win your case. This ensures that:


  • You can access quality legal help
  • our interests are your interests
  • There will be no risk for you financially
  • We do not require any money for your consultation

How Much Do We Cost?

It’s important to consider how short the deadlines are. There are many statutes of limitations that need to be considered. These limitations can come from both federal and local laws. Remember, this depends on the type of case you present to us. In some cases, the firm has seen deadlines that were as short as weeks. The sooner you speak, the better chance you’ll have in court. Waiting a long time decreases the likelihood that your case will be won. The sooner you speak to one of our personal injury lawyers near North Las Vegas, the better chance you will have in court.

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