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If you were injured in a car accident in the city of Overton, the very first thing that you should do after you see a doctor is to consult with an attorney. Even many minor car accidents may result in injuries that can linger for a number of months or years, and severe car crashes may cause injuries that make it necessary to have medical treatment costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. You cannot rely on an insurance company to provide a fair amount without you being backed up by our Overton car accident lawyers.


At Christian Morris Trial Attorneys, we ensure that your claim is taken with the utmost seriousness. We will send out one of our own investigators to document what has occurred and gather the necessary evidence for your case. Our primary goal is to make sure you get the amount that you really need – the total of all missed work time, doctor appointments, and medical treatments. We have more 20 years of experience as Overton car accident attorneys and a long proven track record. Call us at (702) 434-8282 today and receive a free case evaluation.

How Can An Overton Car Accident Attorney Help Me?

Your attorney brings your claim negotiation power, which forces insurance companies to take your claim and you seriously.


Your attorney can help you determine costs you might not have realized could be covered by your claim. Your attorney’s legal team can compile thorough documents of both your accident as well as your medical treatment, so your case can be presented in the best light possible.


The expenses you are faced with following an accident are substantial. They might include a visit to the emergency room, doctor follow-up appointments, intensive care or surgery, ambulance expenses, lost wages, car repairs, medication, and physical therapy. Don’t let yourself end up stuck with all of the bills.

After a car accident occurs, you might not realize that either the other driver’s or your own car insurance company is your adversary now. Although insurance companies are under contracted to repay damages and medical bills, they will do whatever they can to avoid paying the entire amount. They are very eager to get you to say things that you should not or will attempt to twist your words so they can reduce or deny your claim. And insurance companies have whole teams of attorneys on their side. The only way you can level this playing field is to hire your own attorney.


There are many ways that attorneys can help your case:


When you do have legal representation working for you, the insurance company must speak to your personal injury attorney, instead of you. That prevents them from being able to ask you misleading questions and use your own words against you.

A doctor examining a young man following a car accident.
Medical bills and other expenses can be recovered. Call us today for a free consultation

No. When it comes to car accident cases, this is a very common misconception. When you are considering whether or not to hire an attorney, there are two very important things that you need to know:


We negotiate with the insurance company, instead of another driver. Asking for the money that you are owed, will not ruin anyone’s day.


There are many auto accident claims that end up getting resolved without there being a lawsuit. Your attorney will attempt to settle your suit through basic negotiating. The insurance company, in many cases, will end up with a resolution without any legal action necessary.


Insurance companies hold out in some cases. At this point, your attorney will advise you whether or not it will be more beneficial to file a lawsuit for the entire amount or accept the insurance company’s final offer. A good attorney will explain both of these options to you and allow you to make the final decision without pressuring you.

To Win My Case, Do I Need To Sue Someone?

How Does A Car Accident Attorney Win A Claim?

The very first thing that your attorney will do is notify your insurance that they are representing you. From that point forward all communication will go through your attorney instead of you. If you are required at any time to provide a statement you will have your attorney with you to advise you on this matter.


Your attorney will then gather evidence. That might include:

  • Making sure you see a specialist doctor who has a thorough understanding of car accident injuries such as back and neck injuries. This type of doctor can provide a better estimate of medical treatment that is necessary.
  • Assess your past medical history. An insurance company might blame you for your injuries or pain and say that it does not relate to the car accident. Your attorneys will do their best to prove otherwise.
  • The accident itself will be investigated and reconstruct it so that there is no question about what has occurred.

With that evidence, your attorney will be able to bargain hard on your behalf. They will demonstrate to the insurance company how strong your case is and put pressure on them to pay you the money you are owed without needing a court hearing. Normally, no trial is necessary – it is rare for cases to go to court in Overton.

It will not cost you anything upfront.


At Christian Morris Trial Attorneys, we do not ask car accident victims for any money out of their own pockets. You are facing enough pain, stress, and financial worry over your treatment costs already. our first concern is making sure you get the care that you need and ensure that the insurance company provides with you with a fair settlement – and not bill you for any charges upfront.


Instead, we will take our fee from whatever financial recovery that we win for you, in the form of a simple percentage. We take nothing if we do not win any money for you. We make the process risk-free for you to contact us. You will never have to pay us anything unless we obtain a financial victory for you.

How Much Does A Car Accident Attorney Cost In Overton?

The time is very short. In Overton, in some situations, you are allowed up to two years to file your claim. However, there are many circumstances that do not. In certain cases, you might have just weeks to get your claim filed. After the statute of limitation passes, it is too late for you to file a claim which means you will forfeit any money that you might be owed. That is why it is best for you to consult with an experienced car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

How Much Time Do I Have For Filing My Car Accident Claim?

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Following an accident, it is your job to return to the best possible health you can. Our job is to assist you in being able to pay for it. Christian Morris Trial Attorneys is one of the most experienced and largest car accident law firms that serve the Overton area. Give us a call at (702) 434-8282 or fill out the contact form above to receive your FREE consultation today.