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If you’ve been the victim of the negligent action of another individual in Overton, NV, you may be entitled to a personal injury claim. This means that you could receive a recovery for your property damages, medical bills, and other losses you’ve suffered as a consequence of the negligent actions of the other person. Such compensation can take part of the financial burden off your shoulders, allowing you to recover after your accident. A personal injury lawyer in Overton can help you get what’s rightfully yours – the maximum compensation you’re entitled to. They can recommend the best course of action to take, and they can also handle negotiations with the insurance company. This is what we’ve been doing over the past two decades at Christian Morris Trial Attorneys. Our personal injury lawyers are skilled and experienced in building successful cases and fight for the rights of personal injury victims.


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What Qualifies As A Personal Injury In Overton?

Any physical or mental injury occurring as a consequence of someone else’s negligent behavior counts as a personal injury case.


Negligence is synonymous with carelessness:


Each individual is obliged by law to act with standards of reasonable care around other people. This is the so-called “duty of care” principle and it means that we have to avoid actions that could harm other individuals.

Whenever someone fails to comply, they are guilty of negligence. They are at fault for all costs incurred by that accident or negligent action.


In the State of Nevada, the individual who is at fault for an accident will be automatically liable for all costs involved by that accident. This means that if you’re injured because of someone else’s negligent actions, you are entitled to hold that person liable for compensating your losses. If they have insurance, you could get your money from their insurance company.


Negligence doesn’t imply that the other person harmed you on purpose. For instance, someone could cause a car accident in the city of Overton because they simply failed to yield. There’s no harmful intention behind this action, and still that driver could be liable for your damages.

Here are a few of the most common personal injury cases we regularly have to deal with in our work:


  • Car accidents (all types of car accidents, including uninsured motorist accidents, rear-end collisions, and DUI accidents)
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Accidents involving other types of vehicles such as buses
  • Dog bites
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Wrongful death cases

All these cases require you to prove that the accident occurred, the other person had a duty of care to you, and they didn’t uphold that duty. You also need to demonstrate evidence of your injuries and of other losses.

Examples Of Personal Injury Situations

Will I Need To Take Them To Court To Get My Compensation?

In most cases, you won’t have to go that far to get money. Most personal injury cases settle before getting to Overton court.


Here are the two main financial recovery options available to personal injury victims:

  • Arriving at a settlement with the at-fault party, through an insurance claim, without the need for a court trial
  • Suing the other person for your losses in a court trial

If you have solid evidence of your accident and of the other person’s negligence, and if you document your injuries the right way, you have good chances to reach a fair settlement. However, if the insurance company isn’t willing to pay the full value of your compensation claim, your personal injury lawyer could decide to take your case to court to claim the full compensation amount you’re legally entitled to.

Taking your injury claim to court increases your chances to get more money than what the insurance company might have offered. However, this course of action also involves some risks you should know about. For instance, you could be awarded less than the settlement you’ve refused, or even no compensation at all.


It’s strongly advisable that you only proceed to court if you have very strong evidence to support your case. You’ll have to convince the jury or the judge that your claims are “more likely than not” true.


This is where a personal injury lawyer near Overton can do wonders for your case. They can offer you solid advice and expert recommendations on the ideal course of action in your specific situation. They will show you all the pros and cons of all your available options, in order for you to make an informed decision. Should you decide to sue, they can build the strongest case possible to help you win your trial.

A meeting between a personal injury victim and a law firm.
Don't handle your personal injury claim alone, contact Christian Morris Trial Attorneys today.

There’s no need for a lawyer to file a personal injury claim. However, we don’t recommend it.


Without a lawyer, you’ll have to handle all paperwork and represent yourself in court. While you can surely do it, it won’t be easy, particularly if you don’t know much about tort law. In addition, the more complex your case, the more evidence you’ll have to show. This could include bringing expert witnesses or abiding to specific rules in presenting your case.


The insurance company will surely be familiar with all these procedures. Dealing with such cases is part of their daily routine. On the other hand, the average victim of a personal injury has had nothing to do with this part of the legal system before. This is why representing yourself is a tough job.


Generally speaking, your chances to win your full financial recovery claims are higher if you hire an experienced personal injury attorney to represent you. They will know how to use evidence to your advantage, how to negotiate a better settlement, and how to handle all needed paperwork prior to going to court.


In addition, most personal injury lawyers (like Christian Morris Trial Attorneys) work on a contingency fee basis. This means that you’ll only pay them if they win you money.

Is Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer Mandatory?

No matter how complex your case may be, talking with a personal injury lawyer could help you understand what are your chances to a full financial recovery. Hiring a good attorney will take this burden off your shoulders. You’ll be able to focus on your physical and mental recovery rather than dealing with paperwork and legal matters. Call us today at (702) 434-8282 to schedule your free consultation.

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