How to Press Personal Injury Claims Against a Homeowner

Nevada personal injury

Can and should you press charges against a homeowner? When you experienced a personal injury, you’d actually file a civil lawsuit rather than criminal charges, although the two are often used the same way. You could press a personal injury claim against a homeowner if you sustained an injury which the homeowner should and could have prevented. Through negligence, you were hurt, and a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas can help you prove that.

Dog Bites and Animal Attacks

Homeowners are typically responsible for the animals on their property, meaning their dogs or any known animals. There are situations that they could be responsible or liable for the animals which they otherwise should have taken action to eradicate. For instance, if the family there knew that their backyard was commonplace for raccoons to snooze during the day, and then you were bitten by a raccoon, they may be liable as they did not take action to remove the raccoons.

Animal attacks can have unexpected consequences; there may be restrictions on how far you can take a case. If the dog that bit you had never bitten anyone before, then you may not have a case at all because of Nevada’s one bite law. However, if there was history, then you may be able to get full return on the medical bills you’ve had to pay.

Slip and Fall Cases

Did you slip and sustain injuries on someone’s property? Were you on that property with their knowledge or permission? Was it reasonable that they could or should have taken some action to protect you?

Common examples of slip and fall issues on private property include tripping over unwound hoses, untended tree stumps, exposed root systems, or slipping on water in the house. Now issues of slipping on wet substances on the floor are that unlike in restaurants or retail stores, there’s no real reason for a homeowner to have a wet floor sign lying around.

A lot of slip and fall instances within Nevada come to question the victim’s common sense. Was it reasonable to walk around the tree stump, or was it really not possible to see the tree root system?

Showing Negligence on the Homeowner’s Part

When filing a personal injury claim against a homeowner, you’ll need to show that the homeowner should have known and done something about the problem. Essentially you need to show that they were negligent or careless. That could mean something as simple as showing that the hose was unraveled and strewn through an overgrown lawn so you couldn’t see it at the time or proving that they failed in basic pest control efforts.

This issue will often fall to the attorney as they’ll go through gather evidence and build a strong case to support your claim during the negotiations or trial. To do that, they’ll want to make sure that they have everything possible to prove negligence or in the least carelessness.

Is It Right to Hire a Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney?

When filing a claim against a homeowner, it’s often best to hire an attorney so that you’re not stuck in the middle of any issues that come up during the claim. An attorney can act as a third party where the frustrations of the homeowner can be filtered without you having to get too involved.

An attorney can also ensure that you’re going through the process properly. So often, people lose legal battles or miss out on compensation because they didn’t have a real number on how much medical debt they had as a result of the injury. They may have missed other opportunities because of completing forms incorrectly or not providing the proper proof to show the extent of the injuries.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You File a Personal Injury Claim Against a Homeowner

When you’re working against a homeowner, it may seem as if you don’t have many. Options available. However, they may have coverage that would come in when you opened the claim. For example, a dog bite or slip and fall case may lead to a homeowner’s insurance policy claim rather than suing someone who may never be able to pay back your medical debt.

At Christian Morris Trial Attorneys, you can sit and chat with a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer about what happened and why you need to file a claim. Any medical debts or property damage, as well as pain and suffering, are all very valid reasons for opening a case against the homeowner. Contact our offices today.