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Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney: Proving Negligence

Many people need an experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney because they were injured on someone else’s property. This type of case falls under the premises liability tort law. In essence, the law says that

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Insurance Claims: When to Settle and When to Sue

In the experience of any Las Vegas injury attorney, most insurance claims are settled out of court. Indeed, around 95% of all civil cases nationwide do not reach the trial phase. The parties reach an

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Punitive Damages: When Can a Lawyer Seek Them?

When it is clear that an out of court settlement cannot be reached, an experienced Las Vegas personal injury lawyer will advise their client to file a lawsuit. While preparing the case, the lawyer may

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Personal Injury Claim: Recovering Damages

Personal injury law in Nevada states that a person is liable to compensate another if they caused them injury and economic damages due to a negligent action or omission. Furthermore, the comparative negligence principle applicable

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Personal Injury: How Long Does Settlement Take?

When a prospective client arrives for the first appointment with a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada, one of the first things they want to know is: how long will it take until the


Car Accident Damages: What Can You Recover in Your Case?

Damages can take many forms. When you are injured in a car accident, you are left with a lot of pain, suffering, and mounting hospital bills. Many accident victims suffer severe injuries, requiring hospitalization, surgery,