Nevada Premises Liability Law

Premises Liability

The term premises liability is just a fancy way of saying that you got hurt while on someone else’s property. Premises liability is a type of negligence. If you receive injuries because somebody couldn’t keep their premises safe, you need to contact a personal injury lawyer. Proving a premises liability case can be difficult. It’s important that you have an experienced lawyer by your side.

Usually, if you are hurt in a premise’s liability accident, you will need to file a claim against the defendant’s insurance company. Most often this will be homeowner’s insurance for residential property and general liability insurance for commercial property.

Before you can know where to file your claim, you need to understand how premises liability works and who you can pursue damages.

How Do Personal Injury Attorneys in Las Vegas Prove my Case?

In order to prove a premises liability case, you need to prove a few things. Your experienced personal injury lawyer will work hard to show the following:

  • There was a dangerous condition on the property
  • The property owner or tenant knew (or should have known) of the dangerous condition
  • This dangerous condition caused your accident

You’ll notice that we said, owner or tenant. Just because someone rents their property from someone else doesn’t mean they aren’t responsible for how the maintain the property. Unless it is something structural that an owner was asked to repair, the tenant can be held responsible for your injuries.

Proving that a dangerous condition existed can be easy or it can be hard. It depends on the type of condition. For example, temporary conditions such as slippery or icy are hard to prove after the fact. This is why it’s important that you take pictures immediately following the accident. Your only other possible proof would be eyewitnesses. Keep in mind that eyewitnesses are usually reluctant to get involved in personal injury cases because they have no stake in the matter.

Your Personal Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas Will Pursue All Possible Defendants

Sometimes, it’s hard to figure out who is actually responsible for your injuries. Some homes and businesses have multiple owners. Other times, it is a management company that is responsible for maintaining a certain property. You want to make sure you name all possible defendants at the time you file your lawsuit. If you don’t name them at the same time (or initially) you may not be able to add them later on.

Your personal injury lawyer knows how to handle cases against multiple defendants. This is not something you want to take on alone. Here are some examples of a potential defendant in a premise’s liability case:

  • Property owner
  • Tenant
  • Landlord
  • Management company
  • Timeshare company
  • Maintenance service
  • Third-party

Statute of Limitations in a Premises Liability Case

It’s important that you file your case within the Nevada statute of limitations. In Nevada, you only have two (2) years to file your personal injury lawsuit. This is two years from the date of the accident. Even if it takes you months to realize of your injured, the two years starts running on the date of your accident, not when you realize you’re hurt.

If you file a claim against the defendant’s insurance company, you may be lucky and may get compensation for your injuries right away. However, more often than not, this isn’t the case. You may have to file an appeal or file an actual lawsuit if the insurance company refuses to pay your claim.

Some of the damage your personal injury attorney will demand on your behalf include:

  • Medical bills (past, present, and future)
  • Lost wages
  • Future income
  • Permanent disability
  • Pain and suffering

Your personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas

If you have been hurt while on another person’s property, you need to contact a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas. You only have a certain amount of time to file your claim. You also need to make sure you pursue all available parties.

For your first meeting with your lawyer, you need to bring the following:

  • Copy of accident or incident report
  • Pictures of the accident scene
  • Contact information for eyewitnesses
  • Medical bills
  • Medical documentation of injuries
  • Insurance information

Your initial consultation is absolutely free. Your lawyer can answer any questions you may have. You pay nothing until you settle your case.