The Reason Drowsy Driving is Dangerous

The Reason Drowsy Driving is Dangerous

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One of the more common causes of car accidents across the country is drowsy driving. The NHTSA estimates that it may be responsible for as much as 10% of fatal accidents. According to the CDC, 4% of drivers have admitted to falling asleep behind the wheel once at least in 30 days. That is very concerning, considering the effects of fatigue on a driver.

Fatigued drivers are unable to pay proper attention to the road in front of them. Fatigue also slows down reaction time and affects the ability to make good decisions. In addition, drivers who end up falling asleep can lose control of their vehicle and hit any obstacles or other cars in their path.

Quite often, victims of drowsy driving accidents end up seeking assistance from a car accident attorney. Under Massachusetts law, accident victims are allowed to recover their damages and losses. However, it is a challenging and lengthy process. This is particularly true when it comes to drowsy driving accidents. It is never easy to prove fault in those cases.

This is why an experienced Nevada car accident attorney often will conduct complex investigations. Your attorney will look for diagnoses or symptoms of sleep disorders as well as traces of alcohol or drugs in the blood of the driver. They also will look at the driver’s home and work schedule. It can help to be able to show that the driver slept very little or not at all.

The Consequences Of Drowsy Driving

Accidents that involve drivers who end up giving in to fatigue or fall asleep behind the wheel can be devastating. These types of accidents almost always result in serious injuries or death. It takes money, effort, and time to recover from these types of injuries.

Nevada auto accident attorneys can assist clients with obtaining compensation. It helps to save the client effort and time by the attorney dealing with all of the formalities. Also, they can obtain money for their clients by negotiating quick settlements and expediting procedures.
Depending on the specific circumstances of your accident, the following may be covered by your compensation:

  • Treatment costs
  • Car replacement or repair
  • Lost earnings
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Emotional loss (the loss of consortium, loss of being unable to enjoy life)
  • Emotional and physical trauma
  • Disability

All of this shows what a devastating impact that drowsy driving can potentially have if an accident occurs. Thousands of dollars in damage can result. They can lead to disability and severe injuries or even death. They can also seriously impact the lives of all who are involved. To minimize the negative impact, you should consider hiring a Nevada car accident attorney.

It is never easy for injured victims to recover or spend months or weeks in the hospital. This involves lots of stress, financial losses, frustration, and pain. Many accident victims have reported that their lives have been changed forever by their accident. Some become afraid of driving. Other people complain they have nightmares. Individuals who sustained fractures still experience discomfort and pain long after.
For at-fault drivers, the few hours of sleep that they skipped might cost them practically everything. They might lose their driver’s license.

They could also end up losing their job, depending on their need to commute or their occupation. Some might even be faced with criminal charges and the possibility of going to prison. Often families fall apart when one of their members ends up going to jail. The driver’s social life can also be affected by accident liability.

Even if a driver ends up getting away with it, having to live with knowing they injured or took the life of some can be difficult. If their insurance company refuses to pay or they are uninsured, they might be faced with a civil lawsuit. They might be required by the court to pay the compensation. That will increase their losses even more.

A Nevada Car Accident Attorney Can Help You

A Nevada car accident attorney might not be able to make everything go away. However, what they can do is save their clients effort, money, and time. They can deal with most of the concerns, provide answers to questions, and give guidance. They can help with recovering their clients losses so they can move forward with their lives. Consult a local personal injury law firm if you were in a car accident that involved drowsy driving.

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