Who Is Responsible for Medical Bills After Nevada Car Crash?

Nevada car crash

A Nevada car crash can leave you devastated with emotional trauma and mounting medical bills. The medical care you will receive including the treatment from initial emergency care to long-term rehabilitation requires a huge amount for the services. Along with this, you may also require medical equipment during the recovery process. Someone has to be responsible for the medical bills. Accidents cause emotional stress, anxiety, physical pain, and financial burden. In 2019, there were 306 deaths reported due to motor vehicle crashes in Nevada.

The Responsibility of the Injured Party after a Nevada Car Crash:

Now you may wonder who will be responsible to pay for medical bills after a Nevada car crash. If the injured victim is a minor then their parents or the injured party that receives the medical treatment is responsible to pay the medical bills. You will have to pay the medical bills even before your claim with the negligent driver’s insurance provider reaches settlement. If you suffer a serious accident, you may need to think about how you will manage the mounting medical bills especially if ongoing medical care is required.

Serious Injuries After an Accident and Insurance Coverage:

It is assumed by many people that the driver who is liable for the accident, their insurance provider will pay for all the medical expenses. It is not always the situation. There are several factors you need to consider before calculating compensation.

  • Medical Bills Will Be Given to You:

After the accident, your medical care provider will send the bill directly to you instead of sending it to the liable driver’s insurance provider. You need to decide how you will manage to pay the medical bills. The bill will include everything from diagnosis to treatment.

  • Auto Insurance Policies Have Limits:

The minimum auto insurance in Nevada that a driver carries covers just $25,000 for the injuries or death of any person involved in the accident. If two or more parties are involved, the coverage goes up to $50,000. If you suffer serious injuries from the accident and the liable driver carries only minimum auto insurance then you will be struggling to manage your medical bills.

Company and commercial drivers carry high-value insurance policies that can offer additional coverage. An experienced attorney can assist you throughout the case as they can review the insurance policy terms of the liable driver. Your attorney will guide you about how much coverage you should expect associated with the medical expenses.

  • The Insurance Company May Deny Certain Types of Medical Care:

Often the insurance provider of the liable driver may check your medical record and consider certain long-term medical care services as unnecessary. For instance, if you opt for a long-term medical care facility, the insurance company may claim that the expensive medical care was not needed to deny your claim.

Your attorney will help in establishing a strong case that will include witness statements, experts, and statements from doctors. Moreover, your attorney will argue during the negotiations that the medical care you received was necessary and must be completely compensated.

Financial protection can be provided from your insurance. You can make better decisions after understanding your insurance coverage policy. You can also add personal injury protection coverage to the insurance policy. However, it is not mandatory in Nevada. Regardless of the fault of the accident, you can use PIP coverage.

  • Health Insurance:

Following a serious accident, your health insurance will provide much more protection against medical expenses. If the medical bills exceed the compensation amount from the liable driver’s insurance company and the PIP coverage, your health insurance will cover it.

Get in Touch With an Experienced Attorney

After a Nevada car crash, hiring a skilled accident attorney will be critical for your case. The successful outcomes of your case are significantly dependent on your attorney. Our experienced attorneys will review your case and establish liability for the accident and the injuries you suffered. Our attorneys build a compelling claim to receive the maximum compensation for your damages.

We strengthen your case by working with expert witnesses to better negotiate with the insurance company. We fight for your rights while you focus on a healthy recovery. We will prove that the medical treatment you received was essentially needed and your medical bills should be fully compensated.

It becomes extremely difficult to deal with the aftermath of a serious accident if you are handling it on your own. Get in touch with our experienced car accident attorneys to protect your rights.