Higher Risk of Injury for the Elderly in Henderson Car Accidents

Henderson Car Accidents

Generally, people over the age of 60 are at a higher risk of serious injury in Henderson car accidents and other accidents. Each accident is a high risk for all the elderly involved. As an elderly driver, you have years of experience and defensive driving behind you. That means that it’s probably not your fault.

When you get prepared to file your claim and to go through the process of seeking the compensation, you need to get help. Regardless of age, it’s never easy to handle insurance companies, mechanics, and more. Always involve a car wreck attorney in Henderson, Nevada as they have the experience in handling tough negotiations and making clear demands.

Risk of Bone Breakage and Worse

In comparison, seniors or the elderly are a much safer driver. They will often obey the speed limit, not passively drive, and not aggressively drive. So why do they take the biggest risk in car accidents?

Bone breaks, internal injury, and more are all massive dangers come a car crash. Even in Henderson, you’re looking at a weakened body weathered from years of hard work. The muscles cannot repair as quickly. A broken bone can lead to surgery, which can lead to infection and death.

For the seniors of our community, a simple injury is never a simple injury. This part of our society deserves extra care, but you can’t single them out when you’re driving down the street. You can’t say that oh, there’s an older adult, let me slow down. People need to drive safely regardless of who could be on the receiving end of an injury.

Elderly People are in More Henderson Car Accidents

Senior drivers do have some trouble with their physiological components. For example, about 80% of the senior population experiences arthritis, which can make turning painful. Additionally, weaker muscles may make it more difficult to turn or have a full range of motion. In some cases, the elder is on medication, which may delay response times, although they aren’t aware of the risk of driving.

Generally, there are more senior drivers on the road than ever before, and that number will only grow. But, while they are much less risky drivers, and on the road much less, they are at an extreme rate of possible fatal injury. Young drivers are part of a huge public hazard, and the seniors of our society are often the ones paying the price.

The idea is that elderly people are safe drivers, but also can’t respond as quickly as they once could. If someone pulls out in front of an elderly person without warning, they may not be able to swerve or correct in a timely manner. Typically elderly drivers aren’t responsible for the crash but sustain high volumes of risk.

How Can You Help Reduce the Risk of Injury?

First, reduce your speed to the speed limit. A lot of planning goes into speed limits, and often the calculations reflect the safest speed to drive for the area. If you notice that placed with tractor-trailers, the speed drops, that is, to match the limited speed of truckers and create a “flow” in traffic. Seniors follow speed limits. You should too.

Second, always drive defensively. This type of driving doesn’t mean allowing everyone to pass you and driving under the speed limit. It means you need to constantly scan for the possibility of someone pulling out in front of them or changing lanes.

Finally, fight distractions. Distractions including applying makeup, eating, and of course, being on your phone. Avoiding these distractions can severely reduce the overall number of Henderson car accidents. Set up your audio, or GPS before you start driving and focus only on safety.

When Should an Injured Victim Call a Henderson Car Accident Attorney?

Immediately after a crash, you’re looking at the high possibility of someone filing a claim against you. That’s right. Even when you weren’t at fault, in a comparative fault state, people will rush to pin the blame on the other driver. That usually means you need someone to stand up for your real role in the wreck as the victim, and then fight for the financial compensation you require.

It’s not fair, but it’s often the situation. For the elderly, a broken bone or spine injury can lead to quickly deteriorating health. Don’t take the chance of facing these issues alone; instead, get legal help. At Christian Morris Trial Attorneys, our offices serve the community of Henderson to help victims get proper compensation. Call today and schedule a free consultation.